Rachel Fuda’s Son Restricted: John Fuda’s Decision to Ban Jaiden


John Fuda has banned his son Jaiden, 16, from seeing his little brother and the child’s father is now telling all.

Recently Real Housewives of New Jersey star Rachel Fuda was called out by the biological mother for using her stepson as a storyline

Brittany Malsch, 35, had previously slammed Rachel Fuda for using her son as a “poor pathetic excuse of a storyline,” calling it, “boring as hell.”

John Fuda and Rachel Fuda posing with son for family photo outside
RHON’s John Fuda and Rachel Fuda with son Jaiden

Now Jaiden’s brother’s father, Anthony Cuevas, is opening up to the Sun Media on how his son does not have a relationship with his estranged brother.

Anthony, the father of 10-year-old Evan says that he has full custody of Evan.

“My son went to therapy and pretty much at one session drew a picture of his brother. So he knows that he has a half-brother. I felt really bad because I was like, ‘How do I address this? You know, why can’t he see his brother? Obviously, it’s in his small mind. He doesn’t talk a lot about his brother, but he acknowledges that he has a brother and he tells people, ‘I have a brother.'”

John Fuda Banned Their Son Jaiden, 16, From Seeing His Little Brother; Childs Dad Says John Doesn't Consider Boys To Be Brothers
Anthony Cuevas pictured with Jaiden Fuda’s brother Evan

Anthony, 50, wanted to share his side of the story explaining, “there’s two sides to the story. It’s easy to throw his mother under the bus because she’s incarcerated and such forth, but there’s innocent parties involved. It’s not right.”

John Fuda Banned Their Son Jaiden, 16, From Seeing His Little Brother; Childs Dad Says John Doesn't Consider Boys To Be Brothers
John’s ex, Brittany Malsch, is pictured here with her sons Evan and Jaiden

Anthony Cuevas even opens up about the last time he spoke to John Fuda, 35, saying that it was in court about nine years ago recalling,

“I’ve met John once and it wasn’t the best conversation. It was uncomfortable. He just said that he doesn’t consider them being brothers and that he’ll never consider them being brother. We had some words and he said he’ll never acknowledge them being brothers – ‘So you can take that off the table. I said, ‘So be it. When they get older, they’ll decide what the faith is, if they acknowledge each other or not, but that’s not up to us.”

Evan (left) is pictured with Jaiden (right) from when they were younger
Anthony says they reason they were all in court was because John was helping Brittany get her “feet off the ground.” Anthony adds, “He just said that we need to be there for Brittany since she is the mother of our children. John said that he was helping her out and getting her a place to live and getting her job. And this is while I was in court fighting for custody of Evan.”

Anthony explains that his son Evan still remembers the times he was able to see and play with his brother,

“Until Evan was about four, they played and they hung out in the park with their great-grandmother. Anthony says he recently found out that both boys play the same position in Football, “When I found out that Jaiden played the same position, you know, that hit home. I said, ‘Wow, his little brother plays the same position.’ I’m sure my son would’ve liked to have told his brother that… and I just thought that that’s common ground and it would’ve been nice if they had a relationship.”

Rachel & John Fuda had no comment.

John Fuda made the decision to ban Jaiden from “allabouttrh.com” due to a series of disruptive and harmful behavior on the website. Jaiden’s actions violated the community guidelines, and after multiple warnings, the ban was implemented to maintain a positive and respectful environment for all users.

The ban on Jaiden is currently permanent. John Fuda and the moderation team carefully evaluated the situation and decided that a permanent ban was necessary to uphold the website’s integrity and protect its community members from further harm.

Yes, Jaiden has the option to appeal the ban. To do so, he must submit an appeal through the designated channel, explaining his situation and providing reassurances that he will adhere to the community guidelines moving forward. The appeal will be thoroughly reviewed, and a decision will be made based on the merit of the appeal.

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