Rachel Fuda Reacts to Danielle Cabral Calling her a ‘Rat’ Plus, Jennifer Aydin Calls Melissa Gorga RHONJ’s ‘Town Crier’


The drama is heating up on the RHONJ: After Show with Rachel Fuda!

On the latest episode of the RHONJ: After Show, Rachel Fuda and the rest of the RHONJ cast react to Danielle Cabral calling her a “rat” on the show.

While Rachel doesn’t believe that she deserves the title, Danielle stands by her comment and notes that she called Rachel a “rat” because that’s exactly what the she did when she told Margaret Josephs about the “arsenal” comment.

“I called you a rat and I owned up to it and I said, yes, you are a rat. You went back and you told Margaret everything that I said,” Danielle told Rachel on this week’s episode of RHONJ.

Rachel plays off Danielle’s diss, telling Melissa Gorga, “I’m Rachel the rat” as Melissa made little rat sounds.

Jennifer Aydin enters the conversation and blames a lot of the drama between Danielle and Rachel on Melissa. According to Jennifer, Melissa is the “town crier” who has to tell everyone what everyone else is saying behind their backs. If you remember, Melissa told Danielle that Jackie Goldschneider called her shorts “ugly” and that they “looked like [she] pulled them out of the hamper”, she then told Rachel that Danielle called her a “rat.”

“Melissa’s the town crier. She ran back and tells everybody, everything,” Jennifer said.

Jackie, Dolores Catania and Teresa Giudice then weighed in.

“I don’t go around calling people rats. Maybe she’s from a different part of Staten Island than I’m from . I mean it’s like a mafia term, “ Jackie said.

Dolores agreed, saying, “Calling somebody a rat is uh, just like a really bad name to call someone to dig at their character. That’s like a serious thing to call someone around here.”

However, Teresa disagreed, noting, “But if that’s what you’re doing, then you get called out.”

Margaret, on the other hand, defends Melissa telling Rachel about Danielle’s comment. She also questions why Danielle can’t get over Rachel telling her about the arsenal comment.

“First of all in this group, everybody’s gotta know, like we all gossip with each other. We all tell each other everything. And all Rachel do is repeat to me is like, well, Danielle’s, you know, talking because she’s getting involved with these girls and you know, they’re saying all these things about you that Danielle is so offended. Like what does she give to? Danielle obviously doesn’t like me, so what does she even care that Rachel told me?” Margaret explains.

Naturally, Rachel agrees with Marge. She notes that she’s apologized to Danielle multiple times and doesn’t know why her fellow newbie can’t drop it already.

“I don’t understand what the big deal is here. Like Teresa and Jennifer aren’t pissed that she threw them under the bus,” Rachel said.

She continues, “Like, why are you a dog with a bone? Like, this is not productive. So I just feel like if you wanna, if you wanna work through it, let’s work through it. But for me, I’m like, oh yeah, like we’re good. Like whatever we talked about it, I apologize for it. I think multiple times, right? I don’t wanna make problems for you. I own my Not trying to sabotage anything. I wasn’t like, if you wanna hate me, hate me, but like stop talking about me.”

RHONJ airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm on Bravo.

Thoughts on this all? Are you Team Rachel or Team Danielle? Sound off below!

Danielle called Rachel a “rat” because Rachel had told Margaret Josephs about the “arsenal” comment that Danielle made.

Jennifer Aydin blames Melissa Gorga for the drama, referring to her as the “town crier” who tells everyone what others are saying behind their backs.

Margaret defends Melissa because in their group, they all gossip and share everything with each other. She questions why Danielle is so offended by Rachel telling her about the comments being made.

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