SkinnyGirl Founder Bethenny Frankel Slams Ozempic Craze


The ultimate SkinnyGirl, Bethenny Frankel, is slamming people for using Ozempic to drop unwanted pounds.

Earlier this week the Real Housewives of New York alum slammed people using the diabetic drug to lose weight.

“This is going to be scary because very thin people who have body dysmorphia and eating disorders are going to be taking this,” Bethenny said in a video on Instagram Tuesday.

“I’m hearing stories about it being a mood alterer,” she noted “I’m hearing that it’s affecting people’s personalities.”

According to Bethenny, she had a negative encounter with someone who took Ozempic however she did not reveal the person’s identity.

“I had an altercation with someone that has a very mercurial personality and they were on Adderall previously, which is another thing people have done to lose weight and another thing [improperly] used to lose weight, and this person would, like, snap,” the former Bravoleb said. “Mark my words, we’re not going to hear about the s–t show of this for months and years to come … it’s going to be a f–king s–t show.”

She continued:

The loophole for people avoiding the Ozempic admission is that many celebs are actually on Mounjaro, a different drug, and more new drugs are coming soon. If someone is struggling with obesity and working with a doctor, that is one thing (and this is all new in this application) but thin rich country club cul-de-sac Americans, buying this online and at Mexican pharmacies is another thing. Having lived through a world with the Ma Huang and Fen-Phen phenomenons then deaths, I know this. Nobody gets out without paying the bill. How do people know the long term ramifications? Medicines used for alternative functions seems a little bit scary with the long term unknown. If it’s true that diabetics can’t get and now afford this medication is even scarier. I said what I said. Think on it.

Check out Bethenny’s post below!

RHONY is expected to return for season 14 in mid-to-late 2023.

Thoughts on Bethenny Frankel’s take? Do you agree or disagree with the former Bravo star? Sound off below!

Ozempic is a diabetic drug that some people are using to lose weight. Bethenny Frankel, a former reality TV star, is criticizing its use because she believes it can be dangerous, especially for individuals with body dysmorphia and eating disorders. She claims that it can alter mood and personality, based on stories she has heard.

Yes, according to Bethenny, she had a negative encounter with someone who took Ozempic. However, she did not disclose the identity of the person. She mentioned that this person had a mercurial personality and had previously used Adderall for weight loss, which also had negative effects.

Bethenny Frankel is concerned about the potential long-term ramifications of using Ozempic for weight loss. She believes that using medications for alternative purposes, especially without proper medical supervision, can be risky. She also expresses worry about the affordability of the medication for diabetics who genuinely need it.

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