Joe Gorga Allegedly Lied About Teresa Giudice and Dina Manzo Fall Out on RHONJ


Liar liar pants on fire! RHONJ‘s Joe Gorga is being called out for lying about Teresa Giudice and Dina Manzo‘s alleged falling out on the last episode of Jersey Housewives franchise.

If you watched Tuesday’s episode of RHONJ, you know that Joe made some bold and completely false claims about the alleged fallout between his sister and her long time BFF.

Joe alleged that a business deal gone bad between Teresa’s now husband, Louie Ruelas, and Dina’s husband, Dave Cantin, caused a rift between the couples.

“David [Cantin], called me because I’m friendly with David. Pizza Gate’ part two … and it f–ked up another relationship in Teresa’s life,” Joe alleged in his confessional interview.

On the AllAboutTRH podcast, posted on Tuesday, April 4, we confirmed that Joe’s claims were 100% a lie.

AllAboutTRH‘s RHONJ source tells us:

Dave has met Joe Gorga once and that was at Teresa’s engagement party. He wouldn’t even consider himself friendly with Joe. And no one has ever called Dave, David like Joe did on the show. The allegation made by Joe Gorga is absolutely not true.”

Now, a source close to the RHONJ cast telling Page Six that Joe’s allegations are completely false.

“There is no issue at all, zero issue,” the source states, adding that Joe’s allegations are “comical.”

The source adds that Dave “never” did business with Louie and that the two are still very “close.”

“There is no beef,” the source confirms. “There are no issues.”

A rep for Joe tells Page Six, “Joe can’t comment on this at the moment as the reunion is being filmed soon.”

Teresa and Louie’s attorney, James Leonard tells Page Six that Dina and Dave are “notoriously private” and “very guarded.”

“Anybody that knows them knows that,” the attorney explains. “They are people that are still very much involved in Luis [and Teresa’s] life. Just because it’s not playing out on camera, doesn’t mean otherwise.”

Rumors of a fallout between Dina and Teresa began to swirl last summer when it was revealed that Dina would NOT be attending Teresa and Louie’s August wedding. Fans speculated that drama between Dave and Louie caused a rift in the foursomes friendship.

However, AllAboutTRH exclusively revealed at the time that the RHONJ OGs and longtime BFFs had not fallen out of favor with each other. We also confirmed that Dina would NOT be attending Teresa and Louie’s wedding. Dina’s reasoning for skipping Teresa’s wedding have everything to do with the Bravo cameras and nothing to do with the state of their friendship.

A source close to the RHONJ cast told AllAboutTRH in July 2022:

“They were recently on vacation and did not have a fall out. They are and will always be the best of friends. Teresa’s wedding is next month and she is in the works of signing off on getting it filmed. Dina is uncomfortable with the cameras and told Teresa to begin with that if the wedding is taped – Dina will not attend the wedding. Teresa understands and knew that from the beginning. They are both very supportive of each other and Teresa respects Dina’s wishes of not being around while cameras are on. Dina is in a different place in her life and wants nothing to do with the cameras. Teresa is not upset and they remain close friends and supportive of one another.”

As AllAboutTRH reported in our latest podcast episode, Dina and her husband Dave have ZERO relationship with Joe and Melissa Gorga. The Gorgas are simply manipulating the truth for a storyline and to stir the pot because they know that Dina will not come out publicly to address the claims. Dina and Dave want NOTHING to do with RHONJ or any of the drama on the show.

RHONJ airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm on Bravo.

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Joe Gorga claimed that a business deal gone bad between Teresa’s husband, Louie Ruelas, and Dina’s husband, Dave Cantin, caused a rift between the couples.

 No, Joe Gorga’s allegations are completely false. A source close to the RHONJ cast confirmed that there is no issue or beef between the couples, and Dave Cantin has only met Joe Gorga once at Teresa’s engagement party.

 Dina Manzo did not attend Teresa and Louie’s wedding because she is uncomfortable with the Bravo cameras and had previously informed Teresa that she would not attend if the wedding was filmed. This decision had nothing to do with the state of their friendship, as they remain the best of friends and are supportive of each other.

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