Alexia Echevarria Reveals Melissa Gorga Bought Her Instagram


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga is getting accused of buying her instagram followers – something she has consistently been called out for in the past. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Real Housewives of Miami star Alexia Echevarria made the obvious claims.

During one of Andy Cohen’s games, Alexia was asked whether Melissa Gorga or sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice have more instagram followers.

Alexia said Teresa and to everyones shock, including Andy’s, he reveals that Gorga actually has more followers with 2.7 million followers while Teresa has 2.3 million.

Alexia then explains that Melissa only has more followers because she buys them.

Not the first time we’ve heard this as Melissa Gorga was known for buying followers on twitter and Facebook when she first came on the show.

Fame Whoregas even had an analysis of how suspect Melissa Gorgas growing was when she first joined the show,

“Something definitely fishy is going on concerning her FB fanpage because she suddenly appeared as my latest “like” & I have never even visited the page. I ended up reporting the page because it’s really trashy & beyond tacky to have some sort of “system” randomly capture “likes” for your fanpage.” – MrIncredible, August 31, 2012, Fame-Whorgas

Melissa Gorga’s Facebook Fans:

~50,000 10-30-11 (after season 3 ended)
~85,000 4-30-12 (before season 4 premiered)
120,000 8-25-12 (steady increase of about 2,000 per week during season 4 airing)
198,000 8-27-12 9:30 PM EST (sudden burst of new fans compared to 2-3 days before)
206,000 8-27-12 11 PM EST (+8,000 in less than two hours)
212,596 8-27-12 11:30 PM EST (+6,500 in 30 minutes)
215,766 8-28-12 12:20 AM EST (+5,000 in less than an hour)
221,330 8-28-12 1:15 AM EST (+5,500 in an hour)
226,883 8-28-12 2:00 AM EST (+5,500 in 45 minutes)
229,886 8-28-12 2:34 AM EST (+3,000 in 30 minutes)
256,407 8-28-12 1:51 PM EST (+26,500 in 11 hours, about 2,400 per hour)
And still counting.

Over the past 9 months, Melissa’s Facebook fans have increased steadily by about 2,000 per week, so a sudden jump in one day of 130,000+ (and still counting) is very, very suspicious.The only explanation would be that she is buying fans and her fan adder program went amok. More fans were added in one day than were added over the past two years. 

Since 8-27-12, her page has not been loading properly because all these new ‘likes’ are being added (and no one is ‘talking about this’ while it’s happening), so something is definitely up (a program must be adding them and hanging up her page so that no one can be shown ‘talking about this’ until the program stops or there is a lull).

She (and her husband) also bought Twitter followers (see chart here). Joe Gorga steadily gained exactly 101 followers a day through Feb., then it dropped to exactly 50 followers a day until April, then he gained exactly 261 followers a day for a few weeks.

Kathy Wakile buys them too. Kathy Wakile gained exactly 855 new Twitter followers a day in Feb. and March, then dropped to exactly 183 Twitter followers a day in April (in other words, she was doing WAY better before the new season of the Real Housewives of NJ started!) Someone also mentioned to me on Twitter that Kathy’s Red Velvet Cosmo account had 300 followers then randomly gained 17,000 followers, then dropped to 13,000 followers (large drops in followers appear to be common when you buy followers, Twitter must “purge” obvious “bots.”)

Majority of Melissa Gorgas instagram followers are robot accounts that anyone can purchase for as low as $1 for 100 followers

Melissa Gorga even made sure to buy fake followers for her Envy by MG Instagram account that randomly jumped to 100,000 followers in days and averages about 13-40 likes on each post.

Melissa Gorga went to great lengths to respond to Alexia by finding an Instagram account and sharing an Instagram post on her story showing that said she gained 1,145 followers while Teresa gained 69. We don’t know whether the followers are authentic but Melissa couldn’t resist sharing.

Why do you think Melissa feels the need to buy Instagram followers?

Yes, Melissa Gorga has consistently been called out for buying Instagram followers in the past.

Melissa Gorga currently has 2.7 million followers on Instagram, while Teresa Giudice has 2.3 million followers.

It is suspected that a majority of Melissa Gorga’s Instagram followers are robot accounts that can be purchased for a low price.

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