RHONJ Cast: Melissa and Joe Gorga Open Up About Bravo’s Gag Order


Bravo has the RHONJ cast on lockdown for the remainder of season 13 due to things getting way too ugly on social media.

Melissa and Joe Gorga discussed the gag order on the most recent episode of Melissa’s On Display podcast, which is hilarious, considering they aren’t supposed to be talking about the show or the gag order.

“We got a gag order for the first time ever,” Joe explains. “Let’s tell the truth. We, we’ve been on the show for 13 years, and we’ve never been on a gag order through Bravo. We’ve never had a say, ‘You cannot talk about the show, you cannot talk about anything. You can’t repost anything really about the show.’ So it’s something new.”

Melissa elaborated, “The whole entire cast was told [to stop talking about the show]. We all got a little slap on the wrist because, for some reason, this season has been really kooky. People just getting kooky on social media. There’s a lot of lies. There’s a lot of false narratives out there. So, Bravo for the first time ever in 13 years [to give ] all of us, every single one of us [a gag order is crazy.]”

She continued, “So if you guys notice that we are not reposting fan accounts, we are not allowed. Um, the whole cast is not allowed. I kind of like it. I love it. We’re not allowed to really discuss the show other than the approved pictures we’re allowed to post. So this is like the first time ever that this has happened to us. And it’s just so weird. This year everything’s different.”

“But don’t believe everything you hear on social media and believe,” Joe notes, to which Melissa adds, “Almost zero this year. I would never say it so strongly this year. It’s like next-level weirdness. Like to the point that I giggle.”

AllAboutTRH gave exclusive insight into the RHONJ gag order on the March 24 episode of our podcast.

The gag order went out after Melissa, and Margaret Josephs did a series of interviews after Bravo told the entire cast to “lay off and stop talking about the show” because “things are getting so out of hand” outside the show on social media.

Meanwhile, the Gorgas are ALREADY renovating their brand new Franklin Lakes home. Earlier this month, AllAboutTRH dished about some changes the Gorgas made to their new home, but it seems now that Joe and Melissa are doing even more updates to their home.

According to photos posted by @MelissasOldNose on Twitter, Melissa and Joe are changing the outside style of their home after receiving so much criticism on social media from fans.

“I am not even kidding, their house is the most basic on the block. They stand out terribly,” a source tells @MelissasOldNose on Twitter.

MelissasOldNose on Twitter
MelissasOldNose on Twitter

The source adds: “Their neighbors’ houses are nice, elegant. Theirs is so ugly. It looks so out of place. Their lawn is a MESS. No one can possibly live there, so IDK where they have been taking their pictures because this house is FAR from done.”

RHONJ airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm on Bravo.

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Bravo imposed a gag order on the RHONJ cast for season 13 due to the escalating negativity and false narratives being spread on social media.

The entire RHONJ cast has been instructed to refrain from discussing the show or reposting anything related to it on social media. They are only allowed to share approved pictures.

Melissa and Joe Gorga are renovating their new home in Franklin Lakes because they received criticism from fans on social media. They want to change the outside style of their house to better fit in with their neighbors’ elegant homes.

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