RHONJ’s Melissa Gorga: Home Remodel Journey


RHONJ’s Melissa Gorga has been teasing viewers on the Real Housewives of New Jersey that she couldn’t wait for everyone to see the final result of her newly finished home that she designed. Melissa Gorga RHONJ has put in a lot of effort to create a stunning space that showcases her impeccable taste and style.

On a recent episode of RHONJ, Melissa even proudly told Joe Gorga how she can’t wait for him to see the amazing black fabric chandeliers she picked for the foyer.

After sharing her new home to her instagram followers and media outlets, many weren’t impressed with her interior design choices.

People referred to the chandelier as hideous while interior designers went viral for describing her home as a mess. Many also criticized the fact that her windows had no shutters and were all off centered. Others even said the outside looks like an apartment building with windows.

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Bytpep on TikTok said, “a gingerbread house is more aesthetically pleasing on the outside than they’res is” while other interior designers chimed in saying, “this hurts”

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The endless negative reviews seem to have gotten to the Gorgas because Kim D released photos of Melissa Gorga remodeling her home yet again after announcing weeks ago she was finished.

Behind the Velvet Rope shared on Instagram that Kim D’s friend drove by the Franklin Lakes home and revealed that the Gorga’s are remodeling yet again.

Kim D told Behind the Velvet Rope, “you don’t build a brand new house and then all of a sudden rip the front down?” Kim D adds that the house is not an attractive house and that the roof was already leaking.

Melissa Gorga remodels newly finished home

Is the RHONJ Melissa Gorga’s Newly Finished Home Remodel a Surprise?

Many people criticized Melissa Gorga’s interior design choices, particularly referring to the chandelier as hideous. Interior designers also described her home as a mess and pointed out that the windows had no shutters and were all off-centered. Some even commented that the exterior of the house resembled an apartment building with windows.

Melissa Gorga has not publicly responded to the negative reviews of her home. However, it seems that the criticisms may have affected her, as Kim D released photos showing that Melissa Gorga is remodeling her home again, despite announcing weeks ago that it was finished.

Kim D expressed surprise at Melissa Gorga’s decision to remodel her newly finished home. She questioned why someone would build a brand new house and then suddenly rip the front down. Kim D also commented that the house is not attractive and mentioned that the roof was already leaking.

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