RHONJ: See Inside Melissa and Joe Gorga’s New Mansion! Plus, Melissa OpensUp About Keeping her Marriage Happy and Strong While on Reality TV


Melissa and Joe Gorga are giving Bravo fans a look into their new RHONJ mansion, the Garden State RHONJ mansion, which they moved into in November 2022.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star invited Entertainment Tonight into her home for an exclusive tour.

The 5,000 square foot home boasts six bedrooms and features two built-in bars, a poker room, and fully decked out gym.

The mansion also features a stunning outdoor patio, a huge media room, and a massive kitchen for entertaining and cooking.

If all that weren’t enough, Melissa admits that creating a chic in-house office was a “must.”

Melissa’s home office features glass walls and a “crystal and diamond chandelier.”

“I spend a lot of time in my office, I’m on Zooms all day… so I wanted it to be part of the house, but I also wanted to have my own little space,” Melissa explained.

The mom of three notes that she got a glass office while Joe got a poker room in the basement, which she thinks the men of RHONJ are going to love.

“You can imagine the Real Housewives of New Jersey men, and the games of poker they are going to play in this room,” she quipped, adding, “The house is always stocked with liquor, at any time. You want the invite to a Gorga party!”


Fans will get to see Melissa and Joe build their house from the ground up during this season of RHONJ.

Season 13 will also features some not so savory rumors about the Gorgas marriage. As AllAboutTRH previously reported, claims of infidelity on Melissa’s part arise during the season.

When asked about the rumors and how they affected her and Joe’s marriage, Melissa says they have been om reality tv long enough to know when to block out the negativity and gossip.

“I’m not going to say it strengthened it, but I will say, like, there’s a lot of outside noise, especially on reality television.” Melissa explained.

“We are one of the longest-standing couples on reality TV in general. [So] there’s a lot of noise out there and we’ve learned to tune it out and not listen to it,” she added.

Melissa insists that she and Joe know how to keep their marriage happy and healthy especially after 18 years of marriage and three kids.

“At the end of the day, Joe and I spend so much time together, we really do. We keep our feet on the ground, we understand the chaos that comes with being on this show but we just keep it very normal in this house,” she shared. “Even with our kids and like with school stuff, we just don’t allow the noise to come in.”

Thoughts on Melissa’s new house?

Melissa and Joe Gorga moved into their new mansion in November 2022

: Melissa and Joe Gorga’s new mansion boasts six bedrooms, two built-in bars, a poker room, a fully decked out gym, a stunning outdoor patio, a huge media room, and a massive kitchen for entertaining and cooking. Additionally, Melissa’s in-house office features glass walls and a crystal and diamond chandelier.

 Melissa and Joe Gorga have been on reality TV long enough to know when to block out negativity and gossip. They have learned to tune out the outside noise and not let it affect their marriage. They prioritize spending time together, keeping their feet on the ground, and maintaining a normal and healthy environment in their house.

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