RHONJ Preview: Teresa Giudice Reveals Louie Ruelas Lost $250k in Business Deal With Joe Gorga – Exclusive: Melissa’s Niece Comes For Louie After Her Husband Allegedly Asked For Louie To Invest In His Business


RHONJ OG Teresa Giudice is no longer protecting her baby brother Joe Gorga and hiding his secrets! The mom of four is now exposing the truth about her brother and his shady business deals!

In a preview for next week’s episode of RHONJ, Teresa Giudice tells co-stars Jennifer and Bill Aydin and Danielle and Nate Cabral the truth behind her strained relationship with her brother.

According to Teresa, she’s “tired” of “protecting” Joe after all these years.

“I’ve kept my mouth shut like a lot all these years, protecting my brother to keep the peace, and I’m like so tired of it. I’m gonna speak the truth,” Teresa said in her confessional interview.

She then explained to the Aydins and Cabrals that Louie Ruelas lost $250k in a business deal gone wrong with her brother.

“I’ll be honest with you, there was a business stealing, and my fiance lost a quarter of a million dollars,” Teresa confesses.

Teresa explains that Joe pitched Louie the idea of doing a pizza oven with his sister.

“My brother came up with this idea, this pizza came up with this idea, this pizza oven, like I wanna do it with my sister. So [Louie’s] like, okay, [and] he put out 250K. Then I said, no, because I don’t think you should get involved with business stuff,” Teresa explains.

She continued, “Then [Ruelas] spoke to our attorney, and he [was] like, ‘Well, what percentage should I give Joey?’ I guess they came up with, I don’t know, five percent, so my brother went nuts – like, he wanted 50 percent.”

A source close to RHONJ tells AllAboutTRH that Joe wanted to call the pizza oven Skinny Italian after Teresa’s first book. However, Teresa was never involved in the project and felt that it wasn’t a good idea to do business with her family, especially after their prior family business, Gorga Homemade Pizza and Pasta, closed within a year of opening. More details on the latest episode of the AllAboutTRH podcast.

As for Joe, he didn’t elaborate on his fallout with Louie but confirmed that something did go down between him and his then-soon-to-be brother-in-law.

“Did something happen between you and Luis?” a producer asked Joe, to which he replied, “Yes.”

“I see Luis for what he is. He’s charming, but he’s also very manipulating,” Joe’s wife Melissa Gorga said of Louie during a recent episode of RHONJ.

Meanwhile, Melissa’s niece Gianna came after Louie following Tuesday’s episode of RHONJ. This is another prime example of Melissa’s family continuing to go after Teresa and her family on social media. For ten years now, Teresa has had to endure Melissa’s mom, sisters, and various other family members tweeting, liking, and posting nasty stuff about her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Instead of engaging, Teresa let it just roll off her back for nearly a decade, and even when she tried to address the issue with Melissa and Joe, they shot her down and insisted she was crazy.

After Tuesday’s episode of RHONJ aired, Gianna went on Instagram to slam Louie for his comment about wearing Giacinto Gorga’s pajamas to make his step-daughters “feel safe and loving” in a preview for next week’s episode. Let’s just point out this comment is being taken completely out of context and is being used as clickbait by producers who knew exactly what they were doing when editing this teaser.

“No, it’s because you’re a f–king weirdo. Who says that??!” Gianna wrote on her Instagram Story along with a clip of the scene.

This statement is odd since Gianna didn’t think Louie was ‘weird’ when he allegedly invested in a business that Gianna was aware of. Louie was allegedly asked from Melissa’s family to invest in a dog bed company . Louie lost the money put in the business

This will be allegedly addressed on the RHONJ reunion

Listen to the latest episode of the AllAboutTRH podcast for the rest of the tea!

RHONJ airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm on Bravo.

Thoughts on this all? Do you think this failed business deal is the reason the Gorgas are hating on Teresa Giudice and Louie? Sound off below!

Teresa Giudice reveals that the strained relationship with her brother Joe Gorga is due to a failed business deal. Joe pitched the idea of a pizza oven business with his sister, but it resulted in a loss of $250k for Teresa’s fiance, Louie Ruelas.

Joe Gorga convinced Louie Ruelas to invest $250k in a pizza oven business idea involving his sister, Teresa Giudice. However, Teresa advised against getting involved in business with family, and the deal went wrong, causing Louie to lose the invested money.

After years of protecting her brother Joe Gorga and keeping quiet about his business dealings, Teresa Giudice has grown tired and decided to speak the truth. She reveals the failed business deal and the loss of $250k suffered by her fiance, which led to the strained relationship between her and her brother.

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