Nicole Martin: Unveiling the Truth Behind Larsa Pippen’s Fake Drama

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Dr. Nicole Martin isn’t holding back when it comes to RHOM co-star Larsa Pippin. On recent episodes of the Real Housewives of Miami, Martin disinvited Larsa from her engagement after Larsa accused her of sleeping around with the whole hospital. Martin then labeled Pippin as the fakest housewife of all. And now Martin is accusing Pippin of creating fake drama to avoid airing hers. Martin tells TODAY, “Her entire season has been shaming others, spreading rumors, starting conflict because she doesn’t want to share her real life. At what point is it OK to have a real life, but then you show us a fake life and you create fake drama.” Martin adds that Pippen has yet to apologize for the slanderous statement that she engaged in sexual activities with staff at the hospital, “I want to say that at some point she would have been like, ‘I get it, this was wrong.’ But no, you know, even up until the reunion, which you guys will have to catch on Peacock, she still just did not get it. Hence the Andy yelling at her moment. He was even like, ‘Are you serious, you just don’t get it?’ It just does not click for some people and I can’t even answer why she’s just so incapable of understanding.” Nicole accuses the OG’s of Miami on having a blind alliance explaining, “They can say the sky is purple and they will die on their deathbed saying the sky is purple together because they’re scared or there’s potential accusations that can fly.” Larsa Pippen is currently dating Michael Jordans son, Michael Jordan JR. although we have yet to hear about it.

Is Larsa Pippen Creating Fake Storylines to Avoid Sharing Her Real Life?

Dr. Nicole Martin disinvited Larsa Pippin from her engagement because Larsa accused her of sleeping around with the whole hospital, which Martin found to be slanderous and unacceptable.

Dr. Nicole Martin believes that Larsa Pippin has been creating fake drama on the show to avoid sharing her real life. She accuses Larsa of shaming others, spreading rumors, and starting conflicts instead of being genuine.

: No, Larsa Pippin has not apologized for her slanderous statement about Dr. Nicole Martin engaging in sexual activities with staff at the hospital. Despite multiple opportunities, she has shown no understanding or remorse for her actions.

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