RHONJ’s Demotion: Jackie Goldschneider’s Ego Punch

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Former RHONJ star Jackie Goldschneider is finally opening up about her demotion to friend of the wives. Initially Jackie denied that she would be a friend of stating that no one knows her status on the role including her. Back in May, Frank Catania confirmed that Jackie was in fact demoted and that she was aware, “I didn’t know for sure, [but] I went out to dinner the other night with Jackie and Evan,” Frank said. “And, yes, I heard. Yes, alright, she is a’ friend of.’” Jackie still insisted she chose to shift to friend role on RHONJ despite sources saying otherwise. Now Jackie is opening up about her new role telling US weekly, “It’s hard to go into a room that you were once the center of attention and now there’s what, seven Housewives? So to be the eighth person in line, that was, like, a little bit of an ego punch. My ego hurt at first, of course, but there really was no difference.” Jackie says that she is aware she wouldn’t be able to handle a full-time role explaining, “I love this show and I love Bravo, so I wanted to stay a part of it. So, going in it was a little rough because I didn’t really understand what a ‘friend’ did, but once I got into it, I didn’t really feel different about my job. I did my job exactly the same as I always have done. I went into every scene, I moved story along, I gave my opinion on everything, and the cameras were constantly on me. I was a part of every single cast event and cast trip.” Jackie adds that once she took her ego out and fully embrace her new role that this was one of her best seasons.

Was Bravo’s decision to demote Jackie Goldschneider on RHONJ justified?

Yes, Jackie Goldschneider was indeed demoted to a friend role on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. This was confirmed by Frank Catania, who mentioned having dinner with Jackie and her husband Evan, where he learned about her demotion.

Initially, Jackie Goldschneider denied that she would be a friend of the wives and claimed that nobody knew her status on the show. However, she later opened up about her new role, admitting that it was initially a blow to her ego. Nevertheless, she eventually embraced her new position and stated that there was no real difference in her job.

Despite the demotion, Jackie Goldschneider expressed that she loved being a part of the show and wanted to stay involved. She admitted that it was initially challenging to be in a room where she was no longer the center of attention, but once she embraced her new role and set aside her ego, she considered it to be one of her best seasons. She continued to actively participate in scenes, move the story along, give her opinions, and was present for all cast events and trips.

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