Teresa Giudice: The Real Housewives Drama Unveiled

Teresa Giudice is over Joe and Melissa Gorga using her for a storyline on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. The RHONJ OG had another message for the Gorgas after she declared, “I gave birth on the show. I went to prison on the show. I got divorced on the show. I got married on the show. I buried my parents on the show. This is what I’ve done, and [Melissa’s] story is I didn’t return a text message. We are not the same. Never have, never will” on her Namaste B$tches podcast. “You want the facts? You want the truth? This is it. When I say this is my show and other people are just trying to use me as their storyline, it’s because it is true,” Teresa wrote on Instagram, according to CommentsByBravo. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CobQRJZjTgs/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Meanwhile, Melissa tells PEOPLE that she can’t believe Teresa is still dwelling on how she and Joe joined the show ten years ago. Teresa was vindicated in recent months after former RHONJ producer Carlos King confirmed that Joe and Melissa joined RHONJ behind Teresa’s back. For years, Teresa has insisted that she had no idea Melissa was being cast on RHONJ until days before filming was set to begin.

“Since my family came on the show, it was very hard for me to enjoy being on TV. Here I am, just getting my feet wet, enjoying it, and then bam. I get knocked, really stabbed in the heart with my family coming on the show behind my back,” Teresa told PEOPLE back in December 2022.

“The reason why I still talk about it now, and it’s been 10 years, is because it was very traumatic,” she added. “I never signed up to be on a TV show with my family. This was my thing. I was excited about it … and then, all of a sudden, I get bombarded and ambushed by my family. And it was very sad because I felt like my dream kind of got shattered.”

Now, Melissa says she can’t believe Teresa is still harping on how she joined the show.

“It’s the tale as old as time… It’s as old as the sprinkle cookies at this point, okay?” Melissa said. “This is where I get mind-boggled. It’s like, there’s no new innovations to this. It’s the same story we’ve told.”

“Nothing new came out; nothing new is happening. It’s the same thing we’ve been saying over and over and over, and the fact that she wants to dig in 10 years ago to make a reason in her head to be mad is what’s more baffling to me,” Melissa elaborated. “I thought we’re all supposed to be happy here. New life, new marriage. To dig to find something to be mad at, to me, is bonkers, and I want nothing to do with it.”

“I’m not changing my story, and she’s not changing hers,” she continued. “She can bark about it all day long. I’m so over it… Her and I have had that conversation a thousand times and totally lived a normal life since then — we’ve been on vacations together, we’ve held hands, went on girl’s trips. All of a sudden, we’re mad again? I can’t help you anymore.”

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Teresa Giudice stated on her podcast that she has done significant events on the show, such as giving birth, going to prison, getting divorced and married, and burying her parents. She also mentioned that Melissa’s storyline revolves around not returning a text message, emphasizing that they are not the same.

 Teresa Giudice expressed that she was deeply hurt when her family joined the show without her knowledge. She had no idea that Melissa was being cast until days before filming began. This betrayal and ambush by her family caused her significant emotional trauma, which is why she continues to talk about it even after 10 years.

: Melissa Gorga finds it baffling that Teresa is still dwelling on the past and using it as a reason to be mad. She believes that there is nothing new to discuss and that they have already had numerous conversations about it. Melissa emphasizes that they have moved on, living a normal life together, going on vacations, and maintaining a close relationship. She wants nothing to do with Teresa’s continued anger and refuses to change her own story.

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