RHOBH Recap: Lisa Slams Sutton For Trying to ‘Humiliate’ Her While Erika Brags About Having Lots of Sex

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The drama in the 90210 is heating up!

Wednesday’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills started off by catching up with some of the ladies.

The drama first started to sizzle when Garcelle Beauvais and Dorit Kemsley met for lunch. At the lunch, Garcelle told Dorit about her upcoming book. She also asked Dorit about PK’s DUI. Dorit quickly cleared the air and made it clear that PK blew under the legal limit when he was at the police station. Afterward, the police dropped him off back home.

As the conversation shifts, Garcelle tells Dorit that Erika Jayne admitted she can’t drink while taking her current medication. She then reveals that Erika told her that her friendship with Sutton Stracke is a “liability.” Dorit was shocked by the claim and didn’t understand what Erika meant by it.

Speaking of Erika Jayne, she met with her Pretty Mess team, where she discussed her sex/dating life. According to Erika, Kyle Richards’ husband Mauricio Umansky has a guy, who’s an ex-NFL player, that he thinks would be perfect for her. Erika then jokes about “trying to get” is some “good d—” before admitting that she wants to focus on hooking up instead of dating.

She explained: “The thing is — I wouldn’t be a good girlfriend right now because I just came out of a 20-plus-year marriage. My point is this — d*** is great. Boyfriends do not have time for me. I mean, I do not have time for them, [but that’s the] same thing. We don’t have time for each other. So, it’s fine.”

Erika also reveals that she’s interested in becoming a part-time dominatrix with “no more than five high-end clients.” She jokes that she’s “bossy” and likes to “administer a little bit of pain” plus “who knows older, narcissistic, rich men better than moi?”

On the other side of town, Lisa Rinna and Sutton meet for a drink, where the former soap star tells Sutton that she’s infuriating at times but says she wants to let go of their issues. Sutton admits she likes Lisa despite people thinking that Lisa is “scary” and a “bitch.”

Flashback to a few days prior when Lisa told Kathy Hilton and Cyrstal Minkoff that Sutton pisses her off and that she wants to torture her former close friend. Lisa admits this to Sutton and says that she likes torturing her, adding that it must be because she likes Sutton underneath it all.

The next day the ladies meet at Rinna’s house to test out her new rosé wine. The conversation starts off with the ladies discussing Crystal’s eating disorder. Dorit reveals that Crystal admitted to her that “she’s vomiting every day.” The ladies question why Crystal hasn’t sought professional help for her eating disorder.

The conversation moves on to Dorit telling Garcelle that her good friend would love to set up with the actress. Garcelle seems intrigued by the possible suitor. Erika chimes in and talks about the “good d–k” she’s getting, which confuses some of the ladies.

The Real host privately confronts Erika about her claims that Sutton is a “liability.” Erika explains that she thinks Garcelle sticks up for Sutton too much when Sutton puts herself into hot water and that some of her comments are “pretty wild.” When Garcelle asks if she can invite Sutton into the conversation, Erika says no.

After perhaps one too many glasses of rosé, a very drunk Rinna decides to call out Sutton for trying to “humiliate” her and her husband Harry Hamlin when she claimed the Hollywood couple never thanked her for their tickets to Elton John’s annual Oscars charitable party last fall.

Lisa, who admitted she was heavily intoxicated, slammed Sutton for trying to “f–king f–k and humiliate” her family.

“Come after me as much as you f–king want, but do not bring up my children or my husband, period, end of story,” Lisa screamed. “And if you do, I will come for you to the end of days. If you come for my husband and kids, I will f–king hunt you down!”

She continued, “You tried to humiliate us. But you humiliated yourself. You did not humiliate either one of us … You looked like a f–king fool when you did it. You humiliated yourself and me, Harry, and the charity tenfold, so get ready for that.”

Sutton apologized yet again, adding, “I didn’t do it on purpose.  had no idea the capacity of hurt it was going to ensue upon you.”

Lisa quipped that there must be a “reason why you want to hurt me” before telling Sutton to “think about it for five f–king seconds.”

“You’re the one that’s angry at me, it’s not the opposite,” Sutton fired back. “We talked about the forgiveness thing — this doesn’t sound like you’ve forgiven me. I did it in a flippant moment.”

The Rinna Beauty founder went on to mock Sutton’s southern accent, to which Sutton clapped back: “You talk out of both sides of your mouth.”

“You know what? F–k you get out of my house,” Lisa screamed. “If you’re going to talk like this, you should leave.”

Sutton continued sitting and noted that she shrugged off Lisa’s demand and chalked it up to her being a dramatic “soap [opera] actress.”

In her confessional, Lisa admitted: “I don’t know why this bugs me so much. It’s still some injustice. It’s still Sutton not being honest about why she really did it. Sutton plays dumb. She knows exactly what she’s doing. It’s very very very frustrating.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm on Bravo.

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