Jen Shah And Heather Gay Are Friends Again While Meredith Voices Frustration Over Jen Speaking About Her Sons Sexuality!

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Another great episode of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. This episode begins with Jen Shah reaching out to on and off again bff Heather. The last time they were together was at the reunion and Jen says she was confused as things were brought up that she was unaware were ever an issue. Oh Jen.

Jen calls Heather and tells her she cares about her, and she wants to sit face to face and speak with her. Heather seems happy about the conversation and willing to meet with Jen.

Back over at Meredith’s house – Seth comes home and he and Meredith seem like they are in a much better place. Meredith says that last year Seth was begging her to move to Ohio and she’s so happy she didnt because he’s now relocated to Mississippi. Meredith sits down with Seth to talk about her frustration regarding Jen.

We then see a flashback with Brooks & Meredith where Brooks says there are tweets that are negative of Brooks that Jen continues to like. Brooks also is upset that she is liking posts that insinuates what his sexuality is when he has never once had a conversation about his sexuality to even his mom.

Meredith feels Jen has made homophobic remarks about Brook because he has not labeled himself gay, but Jen has. Meredith says she just wants Brooks to identify as her son and nothing else is Jen’s business so its best for Jen to keep her mouth shut. Seth thinks it might be a misunderstanding. Meredith says she is being pushed by Jen and it is going to end up real ugly for her.

Lisa & Jenny go to Jen’s house. Lisa thinks she is going to love Jen because they both have a lot in common. Jenny does seem to fit in, and I am loving her. Lisa tells Jen that she broke bread with Meredith and Meredith has hurt feelings in which Jen says she is confused about. I’m not sure why Jen is always confused about her actions. Jen seems completely unaware as usual and says she has apologized to Meredith multiple times. Lisa explains that Meredith felt she was attacking her son and Jen says she gets that because she would protect her son as well, but Jen explains that there would have never been an issue if he hadn’t said anything derogatory about her vagina. Jen deflects and says she never put anything out there about Brooks but has liked things that were funny about him.  Sometimes I wonder if Jen hears herself speak. Jen is sick of apologizing to everyone. She feels like everything falls on her. Truthfully I am not a fan of Brooks – I don’t know why he does give me some Ashlee Laurita vibes but I one hundred percent can see why Meredith is upset and thinks she has every right to be.

Heather tells Whitney that she and Jen are going to lunch. Heather is honest and tells Whitney that she and Jen had a real conversation and it felt emotional and Whitney says she is worried about Heather being friends with Jen again. Whitney has valid reasons to be concerned. She’s been there to pick up the pieces for Heather when Jen has hurt her. Heather says she feels she and Jen are true friends. I appreciate that Heather is honest in her feelings. Whitney does say she hopes Jen can show up as a friend.

At Jenny’s house – she and her kids are making dinner. I love watching her family so far. Karlyn cracks me up! I know I’m bringing up Jersey again but she gives me Milania vibes. Jenny talks about her opening up several medical clinics when her kids were younger until she realized it doesn’t matter how much money she has  and that she can’t buy time to be with her kids so  she sold everything. Jenny is honest and says while she loves being at home, she feels like she’s become a housekeeper. She cooks & cleans for her husband and the only thing she has yet to do is wipe his ass. LOL. She’s a character.

Whitney and her husband start talking business. She wants to grow her company, but her husband Justin is a little concerned that with this being Whitney’s focus – the dynamic of her family will change. Whitney says she needs it to feel more like a team at home and you can tell Justin is taken a back by her comments. Whitney says she doesn’t want to resent her husband and she tells Justin that their sex life is different. I am surprised at how candid Whitney is being with cameras rolling but that just seems to be her personality. She says she and Justin used to have sex every day and now they are pushing 2-3 times a week and that’s a problem for her. Whitney genuinely says she wants Justin to grab her boobs. Justin says when Whitney gets busy, she checks out but he understands where she is coming from. Whitney says its not as sexy and flirty and it feels like a chore, and she says she doesn’t want robotic sex.

Jen & Heather are finally meeting for lunch. Jen makes a grand entrance coming out on a sled and Heather says Jen is casting her spell. Jen starts off by saying she misses her, and Heather says she always wants to be her friend and be at peace but she feels like they haven’t been consistent. Jen feels the same way. Heather has a list of all the terrible things Jen has said about her. Jen says she basically does this out of hurt & that growing up she never felt like she belonged and that’s the same vibe she gets with this group of ladies. She also denies the concrete proof that Heather has of her talking smack. Jen continues to deflect and says no one ever believes her. Heather says shes still here after everything so that should tell her something. In Heather’s interview confessional she says Jen is only treated differently because of her temper not her skin. Heather says Jen loses her temper and hurts people’s feelings and doesn’t own it. Jen just wants trust from Heather. Heather says she loves her and wants to be friends, but things need to change. Jen does say she appreciates Heather and apologizes for not being there for her in the past. Although Jen is an absolute mess, I appreciate the friendship she and Heather have and the two seem to still be going strong as Heather recently said to Andy on Watch What Happens Live that she will continue to be a friend to Jen.

Thoughts on the latest episode of RHOSLC? Do you think Meredith has every right to be upset with Jen? Should Heather give Jen another chance?

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