Candiace Dillard’s Mom Dorothy Puts Her Son-In-Law On Blast Referring To Him As A House Husband

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We start off tonight’s episode with Candiace’s mom Dorothy visiting her daughter at her new home. She came to town to ‘support’ her for her music video but within minutes has insulted everything inside of Candiace’s home. It really explains why Candiace is the way she is when it comes to insulting the other ladies. How could you not be when that’s all you surround yourself around?

We see Karen open up about her expansion to La’Dome with her 3-wick candles and she is more confident than ever that this is going to be a major success. We then go over to Wendy’s home and she’s working on her candle line & you could see that she’s lacking the confidence Karen has. Wendy pitches her proposal to her husband, and she still isn’t able to answer much. I also think the way she is presenting herself about this is going to make it hard for her to make sales.

Robyn has been doing incredible with her business to the point that she needs more room to get things done. She & Juan check out some warehouse space that sounds extremely expensive, but Juan is very supportive. He is confident that Robyn will continue to do well and tells her to think big. I personally just question if Robyn’s passion is there. Robyn opens up to Juan that  she feels he comes off like he is coaching her and she just wants him to drop it because sometimes she takes it in a way that makes her feel bad. She also brings up when he said her waking up late is not attractive. He responds well and says he will do better.

For Candiace’s music video – she wants all the ladies to look like some fast & furious girls. Prior to the music video – her husbandger lets her know that he will be hosting a cooking class. She is devastated that he is going to miss the video and thinks that this is just going to give her mom another reason to insult him.

It’s music video day! The call time for the music video is 5pm. The ladies walk in and it’s clear nothing is organized and the ladies who are dancing in the video have no idea what they are doing. The ladies are confused as to why they are there and Candiace and her husbandger are missing. Candiace’s mom Dorothy arrives and Candiace comes shortly later. This is the final scene and Candiace says in her interview confessional that Chris told her all the moving parts are going well. They are all behind and the most important part of the music video are the props which are the cars and they are missing. Candiace immediately gets frustrated as expected and says this is exactly why she needs Chris here. She calls Chris but is getting no answer. This whole day is a mess, and no one has any direction. The ladies then go to Dorothy to get some tea and ask if Chris is coming. Dorothy says Chris was at the house. Karen explains to Dorothy that he’s a new husband just trying to do it all. Dorothy doesn’t think it’s a good idea for him to be a manager. We find out the cars aren’t coming, and Mia stirs the pot a bit by asking Dorothy if Chris is getting paid while she sees Candiace scramble to find a solution. Dorothy says that is the issue. Wendy then goes over to Candiace and tells her that Mia is asking her mom if Chris is getting paid. I thought was really silly on Wendy’s part. Candiace is already stressed enough, and she could have waited until after the music video to bring that up. Hearing that could really get in the way of how Candiace performs.

Dorothy continues to talk smack about her daughter’s husband to her friends telling Karen that she didn’t expect him to quit his job when he got married and be a house husband. Dorothy knows she is in the wrong because she even points that she is aware they are mic’d. Karen is trying her best to not be involved in this drama because she and Candiace just got on good terms. I truly don’t know how Candiace was even able to perform after that big mess. I would be seeing red.

During the ending of the shoot – Chris finally walks in and he’s still in his apron and he looks furious which was a bit confusing since he should be the one on top of this? He looked mad and it’s not a good look considering he’s the one who messed this up and should be present at this music video. I don’t know why Candiace thought having Chris as her manager would ever be a good idea. And him looking so angry in front of all of Candiace’s friends and crew is making everyone feel on edge and making Dorothy continue to run her mouth. Robyn asks Dorothy if she thinks Chris is getting comfortable in which Dorothy responds, “hell yeah.” Robyn brings up the house and mentions how large it is and Dorothy says she won’t comment on the house which makes Robyn wonder if she is still paying for some of it. After tonight’s episode – it looks as if Candiace is going to be on a lookout for a new manager?

Thoughts on the episode? Do you think Dorothy was out of line?

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