RHOBH Recap: Ice Queen of the Desert

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After taking a break from RHOBH we are back and it’s worth the wait.

We are still in the desert and while the croquet scene is entertaining, it’s all about Tom this episode as Erika is taking front and center stage.

During their La Quinta getaway, the ladies are finally joined by Garcelle who meets up with Crystal to loop her in as to what is going on with Ms. Jayne. It’s a lot to take in and Garcelle is genuinely shocked as Erika was singing a very different tune about her marriage to Garcelle before. If you recall, Erika one criticized Garcelle in her confessional for questioning her twenty-year marriage and even teared up with talking about her adoration for Tom. I think the main reason people are not trusting Erika now is because she hasn’t been honest and open in the past. How do we know which narrative is true as they are so vastly different? Garcelle is also hurt that Erika tried to paint her marriage as perfect when Garcelle has experienced infidelity with her ex-husband and would have been sympathetic towards Erika if she had just been open and honest.

The ladies then meet at Erika’s hotel for dinner and Kyle reveals that the Girardi’s La Quinta house sold in 2018. Erika had no idea and I’m honestly shocked that she was so in the dark during their entire marriage. It’s one thing being so rich that you rarely visit your second house; however, having no clue where it is even located or when it is sold is a whole other story. Erika also pondered if Tom had kept another woman there, and once again I am dumbfounded that she stayed in this horrific marriage for over twenty years and played it off as a solid relationship.

The next day Erika and Garcelle go for a hike and I have to note that the cinematography is top-notch in this scene. We get a wide view of the landscape via a drone shot and I have to applaud the RHOBH camera work. Thank goodness for Garcelle as she and Sutton are the only ones with enough courage to question Erika. Either the other ladies are terrified of her or have their own skeletons, but Garcelle is asking the questions that the viewers want answers to. When asked if she had a heads up and that’s why she left – Erika denies this, but once again what do we believe? Erika previously denied a third party was involved and later backtracked stating that Tom had multiple affairs. Erika claims Tom pretty much blindly threw money at her and they led separate lives. It seems that the relationship was pretty awful for a while but Erika filed after Tom started to decline and got mean and angry towards her. I have seen family members go down mental declines and it’s incredibly sad. It would be even worse if their spouse left them when they needed them the most, so I am confused as to how Erika thinks this story is making her look good.

Erika also claims that part of brain trauma (that was caused by the mysterious accident) could have caused him to make decisions he wouldn’t normally do that affected his law practice; however, we know this has been going on long before the accident. If anything, the brain trauma could have been what made the house of cards fall, as Ponzi schemes require the lead to be constantly bringing in new money and having to recall who is owed what. It is possible that the accident was the reason the Ponzi Scheme started to fall apart. Erika also goes on to reveal that he calls her every day saying he misses her and telling her to come home (which is different than her previous claim that he was going to try and punish her for leaving and had written her off to fend for herself.) Once again – why is no one calling her out on her conflicting stories? On the other hand, if it is true it is sad that her spouse of twenty years with Alzheimer’s is calling her asking her to come home saying that he misses her. There are no good angles here.

Back at the house, Garcelle brings up Tom calling Erika to the other ladies, and out of nowhere Erika flips (think Tokyo) accusing Garcelle of wanting a moment and betraying her friendship. Garcelle is shocked like the rest of us as Erika has been talking nonstop (on camera) so clearly, none of this is confidential. Erika loses it and we see her infamous temper which seems to shock the entire group. It’s not until Crystal tells Garcelle later that Erika had said she didn’t want the calls brought up again however, Garcelle wasn’t there to hear that. Erika is sobbing uncontrollably that this private moment was out there, but once again….it was on camera. If you want my opinion I think she panicked realizing everything she said on camera could be used against her in court; so saying Tom calls her every day isn’t a great look.

RHOBH airs Wednesdays on Bravo.

Thoughts on this episode? Thoughts on Erika’s behavior? Is she stressed or are things looking suspicious?

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