RHONY Recap: Christmas in July

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What is my Christmas in July wish this year? Just a decent episode of RHONY this season – is that too much to ask?

This season has been a letdown for many but this episode is surrounding Christmas with the Countess so how bad can it be? We start with the Countess doing everything she can to be the next Mariah Carey and recreate the timeless classic ‘All I want for Christmas is You.’ I feel that Leah has some legit copyright concerns as the inflection of the chorus and lyrics are eerily similar to Luann’s new song ‘But what do I want for Christmas – Just You!’ Do you think Queen Mariah watches the show – should Luann be concerned?

The day after the birthday party Sonja and Luann meet to discuss Sonja’s desire to have a man in her life; however, she doesn’t seem to be too picky as she reveals that she went home with a man from the party. This shocks Ramona; however, what they should really be focusing on is Sonja’s drinking which doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon and leads to questionable decisions. Sonja also reveals that Eboni broke up with her man as he wants a woman that was born Jewish vs a woman who converted later on in life. I’m sorry – what? That is crossing into ‘pure blood’ territory which comes off as elitist as Eboni has already converted, so is Jewish. Across town, Leah is also converting to Judaism and discusses her conversion with her brother. Is anyone else getting Tamra Judge getting baptized in a pool vibes? I feel that when housewives go religious all of a sudden, it’s their focus for one season then we never hear about it again. I am all for being religious and choosing your path – but something about doing it on camera on a ‘Real Housewife’ franchise doesn’t exactly scream spirituality to me.

The ladies are all working on healing themselves as Sonja is working with a healer to recover from past family trauma. It’s clear that Sonja puts on a happy/fun face even when she’s not feeling it on the inside and I hope that she can be brave enough to dig deep and move forward. She does seem to be stuck, and a lot of times deep trauma is that very thing that is preventing someone from moving on to bigger and better things in their life. Eboni is also working on healing as she found out that the woman she thought maybe her sister is not; therefore she is back at square one regarding finding her birth father and additional blood relatives. I feel for Eboni as you can tell she has a desire to make a connection with her biological father and getting her hopes up only to be disappointed has got to be incredibly tough.

Sonja is trying to do it all as not only is she working on the inside but she’s also working on that bank account as she meets with her business manager to see where the money is going. Love Sonja but business does not seem to be her strong suit as everything she touches seems to be unfinished or just plain confusing. Her business partner doesn’t help things as he seems to be talking in circles, most likely because he doesn’t want to deliver the harsh truth. I know Sonja is chasing her dream of becoming an international lifestyle luxury brand; however, I would hate for her to continue sinking money into this if it’s going to continue in this direction.

Across town, it’s the most wonderful time of the year for Luann as she is working on the music video and it is everything you would expect (and then some) from the Countess. Viva la Diva! Luann is not happy with the weather and is taking an incredible amount of time working on the opening scene to the annoyance of everyone. On top of that, Leah brought her dog on set which is causing a fresh new layer of chaos. All in all, it’s a standard Luann production.

Finally, we get to the meat of this episode which is that Sonja wasn’t truthful in what she did after the party (to be more accurate – what she didn’t do.)  The man Sonja left with has a girlfriend and it’s revealed that Sonja drank so much that she passed out in the hotel room with him and his girlfriend. Considering that the ladies were concerned about Sonja’s drinking and she seemed to brush it off – this is not a great look for her. Ramona and Luann pry for details as they know Sonja wasn’t being truthful – and I have to wonder why Sonja would lie vs. just saying she had way too much to drink and doesn’t remember. Perhaps she knows this will only add fuel to the fire about the ladies’ concerns?

RHONY airs Tuesdays on Bravo.

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