TMI – Lala Kent Reveals she One Stuck Randall’s Toothbrush Up her Butt out of Spite!

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Well….okay then….. Lala Kent is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Her unique style and captivating personality have made her a favorite among fans. Whether it’s her appearances on reality TV shows or her successful ventures in the fashion world, Lala Kent continues to make waves. With her undeniable talent and undeniable charm, Lala Kent is definitely someone to keep an eye on. VPR star Lala Kent is known to have a feisty temper, but who knew she could get so dirty when it came to getting revenge. According to her new book ‘Give Them Lala’ which was featured by Page Six, Kent was in an “alcoholic fog” at the time and constantly provoking fights with Emmett. Fortunately Lala is now lving a sober lifestyle as she proved just now nasty (literally) she could get when drinking. “After one argument during a trip to Miami, the Bravo star admits she took Emmett’s clothes, shoes and toiletries and tossed them into a pool “before taking his toothbrush and putting it in my a–hole for a minute.” When Rand was later brushing his teeth and asked why Lala was laughing she replied “That toothbrush was just in my a–hole. I’m sad to say that was not my lowest point.” When asked which side it was, Lala replied “Oh honey, if I’m putting your toothbrush in my ass, I’m not half-assing it, no pun intended. We’re going with the side that you’re putting in your mouth. I’m such a d–k when I drink. Thank God I stopped.” Lala no doubt is a better person sober and I’m sure her man Rand agrees. Lala is now committed to a life of sobriety and recently welcomed her daughter Ocean into the world. I’m sure reliving moments like this are cringeworthy and are a solid reminder as to why she stopped drinking. Kent will still be appearing on the upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules; however I think it’s safe to say she will be giving us a much different version of Lala this season.

Thoughts on Lala sharing this story? Will you be reading her book?

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Lala Kent’s new book, titled ‘Give Them Lala’, reveals various aspects of her life, including her struggles with alcohol and her journey towards sobriety. The book also shares personal anecdotes, such as a particular incident where she sought revenge on her partner by engaging in inappropriate behavior.

 In her book, Lala Kent admits to being in an “alcoholic fog” and constantly provoking fights with her partner, Rand Emmett. During one argument in Miami, she took his clothes, shoes, and toiletries and threw them into a pool. Additionally, she revealed that she put his toothbrush in an inappropriate place for a brief period of time.

No, Lala Kent has embraced a sober lifestyle and is committed to maintaining her sobriety. She has recently welcomed her daughter, Ocean, into the world, which serves as a reminder of why she chose to stop drinking. Despite her past behavior, she will be appearing on the upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules, where viewers can expect to see a different version of Lala.

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