Lisa Vanderpump Reveals that she went on Tour with the Rolling Stones in her 20s – Plus Reveals More Secrets from her Early Years in the U.S.!

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Talk about a fabulous past!

Lisa Vanderpump is known to be a wealthy Brit living in Beverly Hills; however who knew she had such a wild past with one of the most legendary bands of all time? According to Bustle, LVP dished out the secrets from her years in her 20s along with her early years living in the United States.

On how they decided to move from England to the U.S., Lisa states:

“Ken and I were living in England and we had about four restaurants at the time, but we were also in the property business. We’d just sold our house to [the Dire Straits frontman] Mark Knopfler, and we decided to use the money to buy these tickets on British Airways that gave you a round trip across the world. Roger Taylor of Queen was a very good friend of ours, so he lent us his house in Los Angeles for six weeks. We stopped at a few places on the way [to California] and we went to Hawaii and we ran into Johnny Depp, who we didn’t know at the time because we didn’t have 21 Jump Street in England. But him and [his then-fiancée] Jennifer Grey became our first friends in LA.”

On her crazy days in her youth, Lisa also revealed that she toured with the Rolling Stones, revealing: “[Original Rolling Stones bassist] Bill Wyman was also one of our best friends; Ken was the best man in his wedding. So we went on the Steel Wheels tour in ‘89. We had a lot of friends from London who were in the music business. It was just a wild and crazy life.”

Life wasn’t too crazy as Lisa was already married and a mother at that point, giving birth to Pandora at age 25. LVP revealed: “Even though we had a young baby, we were always out and about. Pandora went everywhere with us except the nightclub.”

Lisa revealed that she wasn’t exactly the mother she thought she would be and planned on slowing down on her active life; however after having Pandora found out that she could make both work:

“I remember saying to Ken when I was pregnant, we won’t be able to do this, or we won’t be able to do that. And I remember thinking when they first handed Pandora to me, “Well, what am I going to do with this?” But as soon as I cuddled her, I thought, “What would I do without her?” I became one of those obsessive mothers. We always had a nanny because we worked in nightlife, but I didn’t let anybody put her to bed until she was 18 months. I was very hands-on. I was brought up without a tactile relationship and very British, so I wanted the exact opposite [for my kids].”

Lisa revealed that she is writing her second book and it will go into her youth and focus on not being perfect adding: “I’m writing my second book, and a lot of it is about things I wish I knew when I was younger. There’s so much self-doubt in women because you see all of these images of unattainable perfection. I would always say, “Oh, we can’t afford failure.” But failure is inevitable.”

Despite no longer being on the show, LVP is still a polarizing presence on RHOBH; with fans either missing her on the show or glad that she is gone.  I do think she has a fascinating life as she always seems to surprise people. Whether you love her or hate her – you can’t deny she’s lived a pretty fabulous life.

RHOBH premiers on May 19th on Bravo.

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Source: Bustle

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