Erika Girardi Says Denise Richards Is ‘Capable of Handling Her Business’ & Doesn’t Need Aaron Stepping In Plus, Teddi, Sutton, & Kyle Agree That Aaron’s Involvement In their Drama With Denise Only Made Things Worse

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Oh no, Erika Girardi, he didn’t!. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have a lot to say about Aaron Phypers‘ recent decision to get involved in their drama with his wife, Denise Richards. On the RHOBH After Show, the ladies sounded off on Aaron’s behavior towards them on this week’s episode. Erika Girardi, who went head to head with Aaron on Wednesday’s episode, had the most to say, including a warning to the Housewives hubby. “I purposely waited for Denise to leave so that I could speak to Aaron, “ Erika revealed. “That was a conscious choice on my behalf because I wanted to talk to him and not have her in there.” She continued, “What I said was don’t speak to us like that. You don’t need to mansplain for us. You don’t need to talk down to us – we get it.” Teddi Mellencamp, who also boxed a few rounds with Aaron, then weighed in on Aaron and Erika’s conversation. “When it comes to Erika, she’s not the one who is going to initiating the problem, in any time, but if somebody’s directing something at her, she’s going to step up to it. And I think that’s what happened,” Teddi explained. Kyle Richards chimed in saying, “I always feel bad when something like this happens, it just feels so unnecessary.” “It also made it tough because the situation changed. At the BBQ, the issue started about it being hypocritical with the kids and whatnot; it completely shifted to me and became about Aaron and about the way Aaron spoke to us,” Teddi continued. “He starts showing up again, and then he starts getting aggressive again. It just makes the situation worse where we could have maybe just had a peaceful conversation with Denise and worked through the situation,” Teddi added. “Aaron’s there flexing his muscles [and] trying to make us feel timid, nervous, or [whatever] his intention was,” Teddi pointed out. Adding that the group couldn’t “finish things off with Denise because you’re here making it about you again.” Teddi says that she felt “nervous” and like she was “shrinking down” because of the way Aaron talked to her. “I haven’t had a grown man speak to me this way,” Teddi admitted. “I feel like I’ve been scolded like a child. It was crazy to me.” Sutton Stracke, on the other hand, says she found Aaron’s attitude so odd. Aaron’s demeanor was so “nice” until he “puffed up” around the ladies. “For me, Aaron’s comment kind of came out of nowhere,” Sutton admitted. “And it was funny because Aaron was so nice inside the store, but then once he came to the ladies, he just puffed up. I was like ‘You were just being cool, what happened?'” An RHOBH producer then asked, “Why do you think switch flipped?” to which Sutton said, “I don’t know. Tequila? I don’t know.” “And I understand he was protecting Denise and felt like that was his place. I don’t think he should have gotten involved. I think it was a really bad idea,” Sutton continued. And Erika agrees. “Look, support your wife – know that she’s intelligent, capable; give her all that great advice and let her go carve her own path. We are outspoken; we are strong of character, we are sensitive, we are empathetic, at times, angry, at times. Look, it runs the whole gamut. I think every woman in this group can stand on her own. There’s no need to step in. Denise is a grown woman; she’s perfectly capable of handling her business, and you don’t need to speak to us in a way that makes us feel like you have all the answers, and we have none. And kind of putting yourself in a position that you don’t really need to be in,” Erika concluded. Check out the full clip below!
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Erika Girardi revealed that she purposely waited for Denise to leave so that she could speak to Aaron. She expressed her dissatisfaction with the way Aaron spoke to the Housewives, stating that he didn’t need to mansplain or talk down to them.

Teddi Mellencamp explained that Erika is not the one to initiate problems, but if someone directs something at her, she will step up to it. She believes that Erika stood up for herself when Aaron confronted her.

Sutton Stracke found Aaron’s attitude odd, as he was initially nice but then became aggressive when interacting with the ladies. She speculated that tequila might have played a role in his sudden change. Sutton also believed that Aaron should not have gotten involved and thought it was a bad idea.

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