Let’s Discuss RHONY: Not Feeling Jovani

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Hello RHONY fans! With Tinsley leaving the show, Leah fighting with crustaceans and the ladies fed up with Ramona, what more could we have in store for this week? Well fortunately the group is heading to our favorite NYC vacation destination, The Berkshires so you know we will have plenty to discuss. So what went down?

We start out with our favorite delusional housewife, Ramona Singer, explaining her theory that Dorinda isn’t really upset with her, but instead is mourning the death of her late husband Richard. Ramona refuses to believe she can do anything wrong, so justifies Dorinda’s behavior by stating that Dorinda has deeper seeded issues. I do think it’s a combination of both as Dorinda clearly has some issues to work out and some are likely linked to the death of Richard; however, I do think there is more going on. Ramona can be a lot to take so I don’t blame the ladies for getting annoyed with her. If we have to hear one more time how many girlfriends Ramona has I may lose it myself:

Ramona’s problems end up following her to the Berkshires as she may have over fifty girlfriends but she is starting to lose them one by one. Elyse feels slighted by Ramona and confronts her at Blue Stone Manor about their friendship. Ramona is taken aback, thinking that she has generously shared her friends with Elyse and attempts to squash the beef with the simple cheers of a wine glass (how very ‘housewives’ of her.) The other ladies love seeing one of Ramona’s close girlfriends call her out, proving their problems with Ramona aren’t only in their heads:

Fortunately for Ramona, some heat gets taken off her and on to Luann as we find out just how cheap she is. Unless you have been living under a rock, you now that Luann is very proud (and obsessed) with her surprise hit Cabaret show. Lu had asked Sonja to take part in the show; however, it’s revealed that she has only been offering her $225.00 which doesn’t even cover the hair and makeup. I’m not saying Sonja should be getting $10K an appearance but knowing how much the show gets in revenue, I would be insulted as well. Sonja is better off working for free as a favor as that amount seems more like an insult than a paycheck:

Alcohol and emotions then take over as a sobbing Sonja professes her love for Lu and for that reason she accepted the $225 check, while Lu storms off saying she won’t let Sonja steal her limelight. If this isn’t delusion at it’s best I don’t know what is. A slurry Dorinda then promises to go to battle for Sonja because she is a “warrior” (against what I’m not sure) but apparently she is ready and able to go to battle:


RHONY airs Thursdays on Bravo.

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