Lisa Rinna Denies Leaking Puppy Gate Story To Radar Online, Plus Explains Why Dorit Kemsley’s Swimsuit Lawsuit Never Came Up On RHOBH!

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Lisa Rinna recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to weigh in on everything about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Of course, the whole ‘Puppy Gate’ situation came up. However; Lisa Rinna claims that she didn’t leak the ‘Puppy Gate’ story to Radar Online. Lisa Vanderpump has denied leaking it as well, although many cast members of the RHOBH feel that LVP or someone from her camp did. LVP has denied it and Radar revealed that it was not her. Lisa Rinna also opened up about Dorit Kemsley’s swimsuit lawsuit, and why it never aired on the show this season.

As far as the ‘Puppy Gate’ situation goes, Dorit had adopted a dog from Lisa’s Vanderpump Dogs rescue foundation. Dorit ended up giving the puppy away to someone else and it later ended up in a shelter. Dorit claimed that she didn’t know about this and Lisa and Dorit had put it in the past. However; it kept getting brought up this season on the RHOBH so it’s far from over. There was an article leaked to Radar Online about the situation, and cast members felt that it shows LVP in a favorable light. This led to castmates thinking that it was LVP or someone from her camp who leaked it. Lisa R explained on WWHL, “Well, here’s the thing – I can tell you I didn’t leak that story. I did hear a rumor that people thought I did – I did not leak that story.”

Lisa R added, “It’s funny I think that Lisa Vanderpump has made it really clear that she doesn’t want to be talked about, doesn’t want to be part of this group. So I think that we just don’t talk about it. We respect her and we don’t talk about it.”

“I mean you’re going to have to ask her where that story came from,” Lisa said. Andy replied, “I did, she said it didn’t come from her.”

Lisa stated, “I mean the thing is if there’s a story that says ‘stabbed in the back Lisa Vanderpump is extra hurt’ like who’s gonna leak that? Other than somebody in her camp? So I don’t know, you’ll have to get to the bottom of it yourself Andy.” Andy said he is working on it!

When it comes to Dorit’s swimsuit lawsuit that never came up on the show, Lisa R said that nobody brought it up. When the RHOBH cast vacationed in the Bahamas, Dorit was approached by the pool about the lawsuit. However; it never aired. Andy said he was told that nobody ever brought it up. Lisa explained, “Well, from my side of it, I brought a lawsuit up last season about Ken and Lisa that you know, no one was happy about and I didn’t feel great about it.”

This is why Lisa R was not going to bring up another lawsuit on the show. She said, “Lisa was very upset about it, it hurt her feelings. And you know what? I wasn’t going to bring another lawsuit up. If the other girls wanted to do it, great, but I didn’t do it because I didn’t want to hurt anybody else ’cause I had already hurt Lisa by doing it the last time.”

I’m looking forward to watching the rest of the RHOBH this season and I’m excited for the reunion episodes!

Thoughts on this all? Thoughts on what Lisa R had to say? Who leaked the ‘Puppy Gate’ story? Are you liking this season of the RHOBH? What do you want to see at the reunion? Sound off below!

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