Dorit Kemsley Tells Her Haters To “Lay Off!” Plus Reveals If She’s Open To Repairing Her Friendship With Lisa Vanderpump!

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Living in Beverly Hills!

This is already an intense season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. A lot of this season so far, revolves around Dorit Kemsley adopting a puppy from Lisa Vanderpump’s rescue center, Vanderpump Dogs. The puppy was subsequently given away by Dorit to a different home. The puppy then ended up in a shelter and had to be brought back to Vanderpump Dogs. This has all escalated, to say the least, and now we have this ‘puppy-gate’ situation. Dorit told ET, “You have to watch the show, and it’s not really fair for us to play it out in the press because ultimately you have to watch it – it’s a reality show. So, you will see what really happened. And I encourage the audience to tune in and see the real story and not, you know, someone’s agenda or something self-serving. Playing it out in the press, you know, everything is always a bit inflated and it’s one-sided.”

Dorit and fellow RHOBH co-stars, seem to think that Lisa Vanderpump was leaking this to the press. However; Lisa has denied any wrongdoing in this and she has denied leaking stories to the press. Lisa was dealing with the loss of her brother to suicide in the midst of this all. She would later stop filming with the ladies at all this season. As LVP says, she’s ‘passionate about dogs just not crazy about b****es.’ Dorit has been getting a lot of comments about the puppy situation and her financial troubles. Her message for the haters is: “Lay off, buddy! That’s all I can say.”

Will she ever repair her friendship with LVP? Dorit explained, “You know, I’m an easy, easy girl to repair things. It just takes an apology or a conversation that’s true and honest and real, and two people that want to. You know? And I’m always up for trying to repair something, always.” It appears that LVP isn’t interested in repairing a friendship with any of them right now, but anything can happen in the future. Dorit is open to reconciliation on her end, but not necessarily anytime soon. Dorit shared, “I mean, I’m not exactly calling her to do it. But you have to also to tune in and see the season because there’s a lot that happened. And I think having this conversation now, it’s difficult to answer those questions when you haven’t seen it.”

Dorit said that this season is “jammed packed” with a lot more than the puppy problems. Dorit said, “It’s a very long season, too, so it’s jammed packed. There’s also a lot of fun, there’s a lot of new friendships, there’s a lot of things that happen this season.”

This is already a crazy season of the RHOBH! I’m so glad that Beverly Hills is back on and I’m looking forward to watching everything play out. I want all of the ladies to return for next season! I’m hoping they can all work it out with time. Stay tuned, loves!

Thoughts on the whole ‘puppy-gate’ situation? Do you think Dorit and LVP will ever repair their friendship? Thoughts on what Dorit had to say? Are you liking this season of the show? Sound off below!

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