Let’s Discuss RHOBH: Who do You Believe?

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Despite the wives insisting that we need to ‘keep watching’ I have to admit that it’s not getting any better. This season’s story line about Dorit’s dog is perhaps one of the most disliked story lines of all time and these new revelations aren’t making things black and white like we were told they would be.

Let’s get into it – shall we?

During last night’s episode the game of she said, she did, he told me to do, continued and there is no end in sight to this mess. Despite some cute family moments with Kyle and her family going to D.C. to drop their daughter off at college, the episode was once again dominated about what happened to LLAJ.

The Kemsley’s are hurt as they feel set up by their besties Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump. The two are #TeamTeddi as Dorit feels that Teddi has conviction; however at this time we have not yet seen the damning texts. Both PK and Dorit are convinced that their friend LVP is behind the alleged set up which is obviously putting a strain on the friendship between PK and the Todds. As PK puts it: he admires LVP’s manipulation techniques but not when it comes to his wife:

Meanwhile, Teddi’s sins are weighing heavily on her heart and she feels she needs some spiritual cleansing so decides to visit sister Erika. Luckily for Teddi, sister Erika is forgiving; however she wisely points out in her talking head that Teddi was guilty by omission. Luckily, the confession took place in Erika’s chapel so Teddi feels absolved of her wrongdoings:

As for the most climactic scene? That goes to LVP inviting Dorit and Kyle over to share the infamous texts. Dorit feels betrayed by not only LVP but Teddi at this point; however Kyle says she already saw the texts so it’s no surprise. My question here is if Kyle already knew Teddi was involved why did she let LVP take the full blame? Nevertheless, LVP get’s caught in her own web as she can’t answer why she texted ‘Teddi knows’ if her claims of not talking to the Johns are true. Can we all pool our money together to get a Beverly Hills PI on this case? I think this scene shows that almost no one is telling the truth and it seems they all have something to hide:

So far I’m not taking any sides as from what I’ve seen everyone is guilty. Dorit should have returned LLAJ to Vanderpump dogs, Teddi shouldn’t have attempted to set Dorit up, LVP’s story isn’t adding up and Kyle shouldn’t have let LVP take the entire blame if she knew Teddi was involved. I know that the entire cast (and Bravo) keep telling us that more will be revealed; however at this point it’s hard to hang in there.

What were your thoughts on the episode? Who do you believe?

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