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John Blizzard Defends LVP While Teddi Mellencamp Answers Fan Questions!

The hills are alive…with the sound of dog drama!

This season of Beverly Hills has been dominated by a tiny dog named Lucy Lucy Apple Juice and while most viewers (myself included) are over it, the Beverly Hills stars can’t stop talking about it on social media.

First up is LVP who is the defendant in this case and has her story and is sticking to it. LVP insists that she did not tell her employees to bring up LLAJ, despite a damning text from one of her employees named John Blizzard. LVP is taking to Twitter to defend herself by retweeting a response from Mr. Blizzard himself which reads:

FYI – the ‘Yes’ was to the previous statement made by Teddi (not shown) that ‘either way it will come out.’ The ‘IDK’ was cut out responding to the question ‘but didn’t Lisa tell you to tell me?’:

The texts in question are:

Teddi isn’t one to shrink away when questioned as she is standing her own and answering fan questions via Instagram. When asked about John Blizzard’s tweet (mentioned above) Teddi replied:

It’s confirmed on multiple texts which is why I posted more than that one exchange. I am not allowed to give away upcoming episodes so I can only encourage everyone to keep watching:

When other viewers questioned why she would stick up for Dorit and asked her about being manipulated by Erika and Rinna; Teddi insists that she is only speaking her truth as are the other ladies:

As for Teddi’s theory on the whole situation? She feels that LVP is out for LVP along with her public image:

I have a feeling we have more twists and turns ahead so I’ll hold off judgement until I see everything. As for my gut instinct? I have a feeling all of the ladies may be hiding something (with the exception of LLAJ of course.)

What are your thoughts on the social media sound off?

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