Vanderpump Rules Recap – Did They or Didn’t They??

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Hello Vanderpump fans! We continue this week’s episode down south in Mexico.

We’re dropped a bomb that Kristen and James hooked up but we have to wait until the flashbacks to see what went down. First we see James kicking it in the DJ booth and I have to say it sounds pretty good – James is actually a great DJ when he puts his mind to it. One fan shockingly turns out to be Kristen who gets down and dirty by doing the splits and even starts flirting with him a bit. Ew.

The next morning everyone is hung over as hell (no shocker there) however what is shocking is that James’ bed is empty. Jax and Brittany get in an early morning fight over Adam and I’m shocked that either is coherent enough to even speak at this point. The conversation turns to Kristen and James and Jax combs over the evidence. There were two pillows next to the pool as James and Kristen had a romantic late night bottle of tequila drink.

Over at Villa Rosa, Ken is tempting Lisa Vanderpump with an adorable new dog that was abandoned. LVP compares the dogs she takes off the street to James Kennedy and I thought it was pretty accurate. LVP wrestles with the idea of adopting the new dog and Ken is leaning towards turning into the crazy dog family. Hey – I’m all for it!

Back in Mexico the boys are going golfing and Tom Sandoval looks like he stepped out of a Brooks Brothers catalog. Over at the Bubbas, Schwartz is once again recovering from blacking out much to his wife’s delight. Over at Scheana’s and Lala’s, Lala’s “man” delivered her flowers and you know that Scheana is cursing that Rob didn’t send her anything to prove his love to her. Scheana thinks roses are basic but divorce websites are where it’s at baby!

On the golf course the boys are fighting a hangover (some more than others) and they decide the best way to deal with it is the old “hair of the dog” trick. James is clearly still drunk and is acting like an ass which gives Jax a chance to gossip about the alleged hook up. James is confronted about Kristen and automatically deflects it on to Jax. Peter gives a pretty accurate description of the Jax/James debacle so if you need a recap I suggest watching his talking head. James is upset is that anyone would think he would cheat on Raquel (which no one would have a hard time believing) and even tears up probably due to alcohol.

So what does Kristen think of all of this? Well she admits she doesn’t remember a lot of the previous night so gets a shower to wash away the sins of the night before. The remaining ladies get together at the spa to gossip and discuss the hot topic: Kristen and James by the hot tub. Scheana recaps the night before for us and Lala definitely thinks something happened. If anyone would know it would be Lala as she knows James better than anyone.

Back in WeHo LVP and Ken are working on Tom Tom (because someone has to work on it while the namesakes party.) I like Lisa’s concept and can’t wait to see the finished product! I’ll be in WeHo in two weeks and you know I’ll try to get the scoop for you guys 😉

On the beach the ladies are laying out and Kristen finally finds out what everyone has been saying about her and James. Kristen automatically gets livid and adamantly denies hooking up with James. I almost believed her for a second until we got a flashback of how good Kristen is at lying and her pattern of infidelity. Stassi reminds her of her history of lying with a straight face which only makes Kristen even more upset. There seems to be trouble in the witches of WeHo tribe due to none other than James Kennedy.

The rest of the gang joins the beach and things get messier when Schwartz reveals he blacked out and ended up at the wrong resort. Schwartz thinks this is normal behavior for a married business owner and I don’t know what it will take for Schwartz to ease up on the drinking.

The gang is getting dressed up all fancy for the evening and I am dumbfounded how any of them are still functioning after the amount of alcohol and partying they have done on this trip. At dinner Stassi makes an astute observation that everyone that doesn’t have their significant other on the trip makes up for their insecurity by being on their phone or talking about their gf/bf nonstop #Scheana. The conversation quickly turns to the topic of the trip (Kristen/James) after a quick toast to Tom Tom. Kristen is livid that James allegedly said they hooked up but I truly do think James misunderstood the question as it sounded like Jax asked if the two hung out. Kristen gets all ‘bad girls club’ on James and Lala jumps to James’ defense.

And there we have it ladies and gentlemen! The entire cast of VPR remains a complete mess as usual. Perhaps they will resolve things next week? HA!

Do you think Kristen and James hooked up?

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