Karen Huger Gives Update on the Tax Scandal That is Rocking the RHOP World!

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We know that Karen Huger, the ladies of RHOP, are all about etiquette and society; so when one of their own, Karen Huger, is caught up in a tax scandal – you know it’s going to be discussed! Karen Huger may be the self titled queen of Potomac but is she bound to fall this season due to scandalous money gossip? The Washington Post reported that her husband owes nearly $1.5 million in back-due federal taxes, and it doesn’t stop there as his company reportedly owes north of $3 million. Yikes! Speaking out to Bravo Karen revealed that she “was in shock” when hearing about the financial issues and that she found out around the time the rest of us did. I bet her hubby spent a few nights on the couch after that… Despite rough waters Karen is sticking by her man stating that: “But my thing was to be there for him. And I’ll say that bad things happen to great people. Ray’s a phenomenal human being. I could say it scared me. We didn’t know what we were gonna do, how we were gonna make it. I thought the world was coming to an end. But he assured me that everything was going to be OK, as long as I stayed in my lane. And that’s what he meant, too. Let him handle it. It’s his business.” Not trying to butt in anyone’s marriage but that didn’t work for Teresa, Jacqueline or Lynne so maybe Karen should get involved in the family finances? Karen ended up doing what Ray asked and stayed out of it, hoping for the best, stating: “And was it difficult to stay in my lane? Yes. But then again, that’s his expertise, that’s his business, that’s what he’s done for a living, and I couldn’t help him by distracting him. So I just needed to follow his instruction, pray for him, be there for him, and hold our family together.” Apparently everything is just peachy now as the Huger’s have put this matter behind them as she added: “He has settled, and they have a deal, and they’re good. So we’re in a great place, and I’m grateful. I’m grateful that Ray’s my hubby. I’m grateful that my kids are my kids. And I’m grateful that I still have great health to enjoy this life.” What is it with Bravolebs and taxes? Is it because being on screen shines a light on them or are they really that bad with finances? You can catch the latest tea regarding Karen’s finances and more this season of RHOP.

Thoughts on Karen’s money woes? Do you think Karen was wise to ‘stay in her own lane?’

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: According to The Washington Post, Karen Huger’s husband owes nearly $1.5 million in back-due federal taxes, and his company reportedly owes over $3 million.

 Karen Huger revealed that she was in shock when she heard about the financial issues and found out around the same time as the public.

No, Karen decided to stay out of her husband’s financial matters and followed his instruction to let him handle it. She believed that it was his expertise and business, and she didn’t want to distract him.

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