RHOBH Recap: Crying Shame!

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Welcome back to Beverly Hills!

We start out with some sort of flashback between Teddi, Erika and Dorit and it’s not looking good for for Ms. Mellencamp.

Apparently we have to wait to find out what happens and in the meantime have to watch Eileen make a comeback by having lunch with Rinna and Erika. I personally think Eileen seems like a very nice person but I find all of her scenes boring. Thank goodness this is a one time thing! Eileen is shocked that Dorit is fine with Rinna and Erika; however everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Over at the Umansky/Richards home Kyle is trying to be a real housewife by making some mysterious looking food. Kyle’s house is still under renovations however apparently she has found her dream house in the meantime. #ProblemsoftheRichandFamous

Teddi and Rinna are getting mani/pedi’s and are both a bit under the weather. Rinna explains the Dorit situation with Teddi and can’t believe that the two are on good terms. Teddi decides to hold the Kemsleys accountable and tell Rinna that things aren’t as rosy as they seem. Teddi states that PK still thinks Rinna is schizophrenic which bums Rinna out but doesn’t bother her too much. We then get a montage of Dorit’s huge mouth and her digs at Rinna. Thanks for bringing that up again Teddi! Rinna is getting the girls together for drinks so you know this topic of conversation will come up.

Ms. Erika Girardi Jayne is getting ready for her book cover and just once I want 10 people working on my look so I can bring out my inner Jayne. Erika appropriately wrote a chapter about money and how much it costs to become Erika Jayne. Hint: it costs a lot! You had better win the lottery or marry rich if you want her lifestyle. I have a feeling if you were to make that kind of money on your own you wouldn’t have enough time to have an alter ego…so marry or lottery it is!

Dorit and PK are meeting about her new swimwear line and it’s nice to see Dorit as a working girl – it adds some dimension to her. Despite Dorit being the swimwear expert, PK came in and shook things up by changing the price point and changing the name of her company. Apparently Dorit has to be open minded as she is not the sole owner of Beverly Beach. She has a partner named Ryan and even Boy George has got into the action!

Dorit and Erika are meeting at the Girardi home and we see the domestic side to Mrs. Girardi. By that I mean Cristal (out of a champagne glass) and a spread fit for a small party instead of two teeny tiny women. The two discuss their business endeavors (Erika’s book and Dorit’s swimwear line.) Dorit brings up the gag at LVP’s birthday party and I don’t know why we are still talking about a flipping glass – get over it already. Meanwhile across town LVP and Teddi are talking about the same exact thing. It seems that LVP is moving her attention towards Teddi vs. Dorit and maybe this will teach Dorit to not cross Ms. Vanderpump!

Kyle and Mauricio are checking out their potential new home and it’s beautiful but doesn’t feel very Beverly Hills to me. The floors have a very Kardashian vibe going on and Kyle is loving the feel. The home is $8.2 million complete with a guest house and more property and space. Mauricio clearly is feeling the home but being the good husband he is he is waiting to see if Kyle is interested. Why can’t every woman have a husband like Mauricio?

Over with Dorit, Teddi gives her a call saying they need to talk (which in housewives speak is never good.) The ladies meet for drinks and apparently black is the color to wear as the women all look like they are in mourning. Kyle reveals that she got the home and LVP is worried that she bought it without getting the Vanderpump stamp of approval.

Teddi and Dorit are driving over to meet the women and Teddi looks a bit nervous. Apparently there was a conversation that took place that we didn’t get to see (yet.) Kyle has to leave early as she is seeing Hamilton and because she doesn’t want to take part in WWIII. We get right into it as Dorit brings her private conversation with Teddi. Dorit thinks there is a theme with Teddi where she makes comments, starts issues then leaves. I kinda agree there but I think Teddi is a good girl and is trying to do the right thing. Rinna hits it right on the head when she said Teddi is a baby dolphin swimming with sharks.

Dorit’s form of talking to Teddi is beyond condescending and I feel a little embarrassed for her. LVP defends Teddi and her desire for accountability and Dorit is not having it. Erika then jumps on the bandwagon and shockingly comes to Dorit’s defense (you can tell that Erika is just not a Teddi fan.) Teddi then drops the ‘A’ words and accuses Erika of having amnesia. You can call Erika a ‘c you next Tueday’ any day of the week, but never (and I mean NEVER) accuse Erika of having amnesia. I’ve never seen Erika so get so fired up and shockingly Rinna takes her side. Teddi starts to tear up and I feel she’s a little out of her league here. Erika comes off exactly like the woman that she is: an ice queen and I’m shocked that LVP is the only one that felt any sort of compassion for Teddi.

Thoughts on this week’s episode? Are you team Teddi or team Erika?

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