Eva Marcille Responds To Missy Elliott Rumors And Sets The Record Straight!

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Eva Marcille is a known actress and model. She is also the newest addition on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. This season Eva was very taken aback, when she was asked about if her boyfriend was okay with her dating women as well. Eva was shocked and responded, “Come again?” There have been rumors swirling that Eva and hip hop artist Missy Elliott once dated. However; they actually are just friends!

Eva was thrown right into the RHOA drama. On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Eva cleared everything up and told us that she doesn’t think Missy cares about the gossip. She explained, “I mean, Missy is very non-confrontational. She’s a full on superstar. So I don’t think she subscribes to the drama at all.” Apparently a blog over a decade ago, first started these rumors. Eva said, “Missy and I, lets just clear it all the way up. Missy and I have the same management. Because we have the same management and I was new to the city, we hungout all the time. So people saw us together and thought we might be dating. So that was that.”

See Eva clear everything up in this clip!

I am glad that Eva cleared everything up, and now hopefully everyone can move past this subject. I do think that a subject like that is too personal, when you are just getting to know people. I don’t blame Eva for not talking about her personal life with a group of girls she had just met. I don’t think Eva is lying, she has no reason to. If she says her and Missy are just friends, then I believe that. It sounds like it was just some random rumor. They have the same management, so that is how they became friends and it explains why they were around one another a lot. That is how it works in the industry.

Watch her discuss the subject in this Bravo clip!

Thoughts on newbie Eva Marcille? Do you think Eva and Missy actually dated back in the day? Are those types of questions too personal to ask when you are just meeting someone? Sound off below!

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