Was ‘Pasta’ Code Word for Drugs on Vanderpump Rules?

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Was it or was it not about the pasta?

Fans have been speculating as to what really went down the night Lala ate Raquel’s pasta and some fans think ‘pasta’ was code word for cocaine. I’ve watched the episode twice and both times I was confused on how the situation escalated so quickly and what the hell Raquel’s pasta had to do with it.

In a recent interview with AOL Lala attempts to clear up the pasta/drugs rumor and explain what caused the peculiar fight in the first place:

“During that scene, the conversation between James and Logan got extremely heated about how much Logan doesn’t care for Raquel and [James and Logan] having a romantic relationship, and I felt it getting heavy. We were like the three musketeers! So, I brought up the pasta to make light of a joke, like, ‘We ate the pasta! That was the problem!'”

“And, keep in mind, I had a 45-minute conversation with Raquel that night — like a heart-to-heart — and this b–ch doesn’t even remember it. I’m really thinking that she didn’t care about the pasta. She was that drunk. We were all drunk. If you get a group of girls together and you have a plate of food, it’s going to get devoured.”

So was pasta really code word for cocaine? Did Lala end up stealing drugs which is what really set James off?

“It had to do with a plate of food, for real! I just said it to make light of the situation that was happening and now I totally wish I wouldn’t have [said anything]. It made it heavy and redirected at me.”

So apparently it was about the pasta after all. Still one of the most bizarre arguments in reality history but at least we know the truth! Personally I think the real issue is that James is still in love with Lala and he took out his frustration out on the pasta. Keep the Italian dish out of your love life James!

Thoughts on Lala’s interview?

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