RHOBH Recap: Who Do You Believe?


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Tonight’s season finale of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills kicks off with the ladies returning from Dubai reeling over all the Dubai drama.

First Kyle heads to her desert home with her youngest daughter Portia to prepare for her upcoming party. I’m OBSESSED with Kyle’s desert home, when can I visit?

While Kyle is busy party planning, the other ladies are busy dishing to their friends and significant others about all the drama that went down in Dubai. LVP talks to Ken, who finds Lisa R’s accusations ridiculous and calls her several mean names including “f–king stupid bitch,” “silly cow,” and “wanker.” While Lisa R dishes her version of the story to her agent over a business lunch to discuss the possibility of getting her own talk show. Give those lips something more productive to do!

Eileen, on the other hand, tries to keep her hubby Vince up to speed on the latest drama with the group, and I think he’ struggling to put all pieces together. Can’t blame him it’s a ton of she said, she said drama! Kathryn also dishes the Dubai dirt to her husband but tries to talk about the other low points on the trip like all the shopping she missed out on.

The biggest gossip session happens between Erika and Yolanda when Erika reveals ALL the dirt and drama from the Dubai trip leaving Yolanda speechless over LVP’s possible involvement in the Munchausen rumors. While Yolanda may be speechless, she’s not shocked considering the friendship issues they’ve had in the past and that LVP has had with other women in the group.

Back at Kyle’s party prep, she divulges to her friends including BFF Faye Resnick about the possible drama that could go down tonight.

The party kicks off, and things are going great then Rinna approaches Yolanda and pulls her aside to talk. Rinna reveals to Yolanda all the shit talking she did behind her back; saying she called her a manipulator. But Rinna isn’t done there she then reveals that LVP was initially responsible for spreading false rumors about her health; admitting that she owns her shit but LVP continues to lie. Yo is intrigued by Rinna’s claims but isn’t ready to forgive and forget.

Yolanda then goes and confronts LVP about Rinna’s claims, and LVP denies, denies, denies, Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt after all! LVP consider’s Rinna’s claims ridiculous and calls Kyle over to corroborate her story. Kyle, of course, has LVP’s back but Yolanda’s seems to sense something fishy is in the air. It almost seems like Yo is going to bring the group together to clear the air once and for all but things get interrupted when Kim Richards pulls Lisa R aside to talk.

Kim and Rinna come face-to-face after their explosive fight during last season’s reunion, and it seems that nothing much has changed between the two since then. Kim questions why Lisa R was engaged when she heard Yo had lunch with her and Brandi. Instead of answering, Rinna implies that Kim still an addict and isn’t sober which infuriates Kim. Kim and Lisa both walk away from each other disgusted and tell their version of the conversation to their respective teams.

Flash forward two months and the ladies are sadly discussing the news that Yolanda and David are getting a divorce. Yolanda compares her separation from David to death and reveals that she moved into a new condo because she couldn’t live in the same house as David. Yolanda says her and David stopped making each other happy but hopes that they can be friends one day; calling David her best friend who she misses terribly.

The Housewives are shocked to learn about Yolanda and David’s divorce. Rinna reveals to Eileen that she knew something more was going on with Yolanda and implied further that Yolanda’s illness was tied to the end of her marriage. The rest of the ladies seem quite broken hearted over the David and Yolanda’s split and recall how in love they were and how amazing they were together.

Thoughts on the RHOBH season finale?

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