RECAP: Yolanda Hadid Appears On Dr. Oz And Tells ALL Regarding Her Health Struggle And Journey!



Today Yolanda Hadid visited Dr. Oz to discuss her 4 year health struggle and share her journey. So what went down while on set? Find out below!

First off I have to say that Yolanda looks great! She comes out in great shape and has her glow back. Dr. Oz starts off acknowledging that many women have similar symptoms so he was honored that Yolanda agreed to be on his show despite the criticism she has received.

Yolanda describes that in 2011 she began to feel like she always had the flu with joint pain and vision problem. After that it started attacking her brain – even before her wedding to David Foster! She was working out with David before their wedding and felt something was “off”. Even when doing the wedding tables she couldn’t remember who was who which was something that used to be her strength!

Yolanda even sent her medical records in advance to Dr. Oz revealing she was hospitalized when she was 12 for severe fatigue and that her mother even suffered from an invisible chronic disease. She was later diagnosed with hepatitis B in her younger modeling years after receiving acupuncture from dirty needles.

When her lyme symptoms came she was first diagnosed with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) and admitted that everyone kept saying that she looked fine. She then went to Europe to look for more tests and was then diagnosed with neurological Lyme disease. Yolanda revealed that getting a diagnosis was a relief as people were thinking that there was something wrong with her mentally.

Yolanda then went on anti-biotics which she described as “hell”. She reiterated that she met with 100 doctors in 11 countries as she was not getting better to try alternative treatments. In a video clip we see her getting her treatment in her “treatment room” which she said is a necessity and not a luxury (although she has a fabulous Hermes blanket in there!)

Health advocate Daisy also makes a cameo showing Yolanda getting a footbath which is supposed to remove toxins from the body. Yolanda also takes us on a video tour seeing an array of doctors including the doctor for the Clippers and a holistic doctor to blend traditional and holistic treatments together.

When Dr. Oz asked if she regretted anything – she admits she has done some shady things but emphasizes that desperate people take desperate measures. She also discloses she has spent a “lot” of money without giving a specific amount.

The discussion then moves to Yolanda’s ruptured breast implants and how an old leakage let to free floating silicone throughout her body. Yolanda stated that the ex-plant saved her life and made a huge difference in her feeling better.

Turning to family, then focuses on Yolanda’s children Anwar and Bella who Yolanda states are also afflicted by the same disease. Yolanda describes it as “heartbreaking” to watch her children. She shares that Bella’s symptoms started with Bella making mistakes on her horse due to brain fog. She also breaks down at the fact that her mother suffered from choric illness and that until now she never understood what her mother went through. In the darkest part of the interview Yolanda reveals that she didn’t want to live on some days but her children kept her fighting.

Dr. Oz then brings up the controversy on RHOBH where the ladies questioned her illness (specifically Lisa Rinna who brought up the M word). Yolanda admits it would make no sense for her to fake an illness right after she got married and was one of the happiest times in her life.

The sad story of Yolanda and David splitting comes up and Dr. Oz reads a note sent from David which states he still respects and loves Yolanda and that she has his support. Yolanda admits that David did not change but she did which led to their split. Yolanda says that she is not the woman she used to be as all her energy is focused on finding a cure and that she probably will never be the fun loving woman that David fell in love with.

Yolanda also shares she is looking to write a book on chronic illness and she doesn’t regret being on RHOBH. Dr. Oz admits that her illness is mysterious and complicated and he would continue to follow her journey.

Did you catch Yolanda on Dr. Oz? What were your thoughts?

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