RHOBH Recap: Amster-damn Slap



On tonight’s new episode of RHOBH, the Housewives are still in Amsterdam, and we pick up the next morning after all of the drama has simmered. Kim and Brandi are sitting in the lobby waiting for the other ladies to appear, and Lisa R and Lisa V show up and decide to go shopping with Kim and Brandi. Eileen then joins the group but decides to stay behind and go the museum with Kyle. Eileen questions why Lisa R would hang out with Kim and Brandi and just pretend everything is fine. Lisa R reveals that she didn’t want to re-hash the Kim drama, and that was going to happen if she hung out with Kyle and Eileen.

Kyle visits Yolanda in her room, and Yolanda is not feeling well and decides to stay in for the day. Yolanda and Kyle talk about Kyle and Kim’s relationship. Kyle doesn’t understand why her and Kim can’t have a good relationship like Yolanda does with her brother.

Kyle meets up with Eileen, and they head to a museum and to do some sightseeing. Meanwhile, Lisa V, Lisa R, Brandi, and Kim are happily shopping away and are having a good time laughing. The ladies seem to have even more fun when they visit a sex toy shop where lots of laughing ensues and Lisa V even admits that this is the Brandi she enjoys.

Eileen and Kyle go for some coffee and treats and rehash the whole Kim drama. Eileen and Kyle agree that they feel they have been put on the outs while Kim and Lisa have kissed and made up. The discuss that they don’t understand how Lisa R can act like nothing happened between her and Kim. Eileen is confused as to why Lisa R can go shopping with Kim when she vowed not to talk Kim ever again. Eileen is very frustrated with Lisa R and needs to talk to her about it.

After that Lisa R and Eileen go to get wine together, and Eileen jumps right in and asks Lisa R why she would go shopping with Kim. Eileen calls Lisa R out. Eileen says that Lisa R and Kim’s relationship went from A to Z while Kyle and she still haven’t moved passed A with Kim. Lisa R talks in circles for a bit and reveals that she’s scared of Kim and just wants to keep things civil between them for the trip.

The entire group, including Yolanda, head to a dinner cruise on the canals. When the cruise starts off it’s pretty awkward. All the Housewives are pretending thing is fine but there’s a ton of tension in the air. Eileen and Kyle are pissed and don’t want to play along and pretend everything is fine. Kyle pulls Yolanda aside, and they discuss Kyle’s issues with Kim and Brandi.

Brandi kicks off the drama by bringing everything up and decides to go at it with Eileen. Brandi kind of apologizes for being an asshole and Eileen accepts it and apologizes back to Brandi. Brandi says she doesn’t like how Eileen is the one going around calling her an alcoholic and Eileen denies the claim. Eileen said she’s worried about Brandi’s drinking and has talked about it but never labeled her an alcoholic. Lisa R is dead quiet at this point, and Kim is chomping at the bit to jump in. Eileen says she felt strange about the fight at her house with Kyle, Kim, and Brandi. At this point, Brandi doesn’t want to talk about and doesn’t want to ruin Yolanda’s night. A little too late in my opinion.

Kim starts going off insisting that she’s sober and how dare people think she has relapsed after seeing her have one bad night. Kim refuses to listen but things start to settle, and the ladies decide to try to move forward. Brandi then opens her mouth and insults everyone at the table say Lisa R doesn’t eat, Lisa V sleeps with younger men, Kim drinks, and Eileen is a home wrecker. Brandi claims she was joking to everyone and was trying to point out the rumors about everyone but Eileen takes major offense. Eileen doesn’t take well to being called a home wrecker and yells Brandi not to go there.

Yolanda leaves the table, and Lisa V follows her then Eileen comes over a few moments later. Kim, Kyle, and Brandi continue to fight. Kyle doesn’t understand why Brandi keeps getting involved with her and Kim’s relationship. Brandi says she forced to be in the middle of Kim and Kyle’s relationship. At this point, Kim and Kyle are in tears. Kim, Kyle, and Brandi join the rest of the ladies at the dinner table.

Brandi wants to play another fun game where everyone goes around the table and says something nice about everyone. Everyone kind of gushes over each other and some of it comes off very phony. Brandi only comments on her co-star’s looks and can’t seem to dig any deeper. Kim and Kyle both break down in tears when they talk to each other. Brandi and Kim also have a moment where Brandi breaks down telling Kim how great she is.

When it comes time for everyone to say sometimes about Brandi, she bolts from the table and doesn’t want to do it. Everyone makes Brandi come back to the table, and they all think Brandi doesn’t love herself so she can’t accept compliments. The ladies finish their dinner and begin to exit the ship.

Lisa V and Brandi start chatting as they leave the ship, and Brandi tries to jokingly kiss Lisa and Lisa pushes her away. Lisa tells Brandi she will slap her, and Brandi says do it. Brandi then slaps Lisa across the face. It seems that Brandi was trying to say the slap was a joke, but Lisa was pretty mortified by it. A shocked Lisa is told by Brandi to slap her back.

The next morning Lisa V and Kyle head for pancakes and Yolanda and Brandi head out for breakfast as well. Lisa V reveals to Kyle that Brandi slapped her across the face. Brandi tells a different story to Yolanda and tries to play the whole thing off as a joke. Yolanda is not seeing eye to eye with Brandi and tells her that she can’t slap people and think it’s okay. Lisa V is trying not to make a big deal about it, but you can tell she’s hurt and offended.

End scene.

Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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