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Which Actress SLAMMED Lisa Vanderpump On Watch What Happens Live By Calling Her A “Wheeler-Dealer?”

wendi on wwhl

While many celebs have been tweeting their support for Victim Vanderpump, and the opposite for Brandi Glanville, one celeb however, sees right through this whole housewife “take down” nonsense. Actress Wendi McLendon-Covey, appeared on Watch What Happens Live Tuesday night, and when a fan called in asking whose side she’s on in the whole Lisa vs Brandi feud, Wendi had the following to say

“I’m gonna say Brandi,” Wendi answered.

A shocked Andy chimed in and asked,

“Oh really? You’re on Brandi’s side? Why?

Wendy continued,

“Um — I think she’s easily manipulated, and I feel like she’s kind of a pawn in some of these things. I do feel like Lisa’s kind of a wheeler-dealer, you know. But when everybody says, ‘She’s trying to take so and so down.’ Down for what? Like, they’re housewives in Beverly Hills.”

I SO AGREE with Wendi. I think it’s so laughable every time I see someone use the “take down” excuse to justify Lisa being wrong. She got called out. Big deal.

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