Kim Richards Think Lisa’s Reaction To What Brandi Revealed Was Fishy And Responds To Ken Questioning Her Sobriety!


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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards has remained pretty quiet this season until Monday’s episode. Kim took to her blog to question Lisa’s reaction when it came to what Brandi revealed. Kim believes Lisa’s reaction was super fishy especially because she just wanted to drop the topic. Kim also responds to Ken questioning her sobriety!

“Arriving at the airport my heart went out to Joyce as she spoke of her father. I don’t know if I would have been able to pull it together the way she did. However I know everyone reacts to pain differently and hers was to keep going.

Puerto Rico is so lovely! Waking up in the morning and looking out at
the ocean was amazing! The beach was so pretty and everyone was off to
having a great time — until Yolanda and Lisa went to have a talk.

One thing led to another and the next thing I know Brandi and I are sitting there and she tells me that when that when she was leaving for Palm Springs, Lisa had put the tabloid in her bag and told her she had to bring it. I was so upset hearing about this! I have watched my sister cry over and over about this, and it has also caused a lot of stress for her kids. It is all mean people and lies! I couldn’t believe that Lisa would do this! If I hadn’t heard it from Brandi I would have never believed it. So I told her, “You need to tell my sister!” However, Brandi wanted to wait until the time was right. But things had escalated and she needed to tell her now, so she did. Once again having to see that hurt look in my sisters face broke my heart. She wants to believe Lisa is her friend so much but it’s just not the case and Lisa continues to let her down. Maurice had no idea what was going on so I filled him in on what I had heard.

I do believe Brandi, she is my friend, and I have no reason not to.
After watching the episode I noticed that Lisa kept saying “Just leave it alone,” and “Let’s drop it.” However, if it were me I would want to get to the bottom of it so everyone knew the truth. It just seems very fishy that she reacted this way.

At dinner that night there was tension and it was quite at the
beginning. Then when my sister confronted Lisa and Brandi the whole
table turned upside down. . . like a circus! All my sister wanted was a
simple yes or no. But at this point Lisa kept talking in circles about
who bought them, who saw them, and when she first saw them. I couldn’t
handle everyone yelling across at each other so I finally jumped in and
said, “Just answer the question!”

Ken was not happy about this and once again I was dismissed — something he and Lisa do so well! It set me off and
things escalated even more. I was very frustrated, but I do admit that is
no excuse for my name calling. My mother always said, “Two wrongs don’t
make a right,” and I have always tried to remember that.

One thing I
have learned in sobriety is to make amends. I have no problem
admitting when I am wrong, and I regret the name calling which I
apologize for.

Then when Ken accused me of drinking it really showed his
true colors. The funny thing is just the day before Ken and Lisa had
told me how together I was and that I was on target in every way. Then
when he got mad I felt him try to discredit me and it definitely hurt.
Even though we had words I still care for them.

Puerto Rico is not over. . .and everybody’s feelings are frazzled!”

Kim acknowledged that she shouldn’t have name-called and I think that’s great. I agree 100% about Kim saying Lisa’s reaction was fishy. If that was me and it wasn’t true, I would NEVER want to drop it and make sure that Kyle knows that is NOT what happened. Do you think Kim makes good points?

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