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What an episode! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had all kinds of drama that focused specifically on Lisa Vanderpump. Before we get into that, let’s start from the beginning. The ladies are all getting ready to go to Puerto Rico and although Joyce’s father has passed, she knows her father would want her to continue with her life and not mourn over it. What I was really shocked about is that producers really allowed Carlton Gebbia not to come on the trip because Joyce and Kyle didn’t want her too. Then again, Carlton uninvited Kyle to her party so it makes sense as to why Carlton was not invited to this trip. Plus she says she can’t stand being in Kyle’s presence anyways.

Brandi Glanville is acting very awkward towards Lisa. And I don’t even understand where all this hatred is coming from.They all arrive and Lisa is checking out her hotel room and complaining that is bathroom is too small and that she has to share it with Ken. Come on, Lisa. We get it you’re used to bigger things but don’t be that guy!

The ladies all head to the beach and this is where it all begins. Brandi is just not happy with Lisa. She explains to Yolanda that she needs to speak to Lisa and that’s when Yolanda grabs Lisa to talk to her about the issues Brandi has with her. I felt weird about Yolanda initiating the conversation but Yolanda just seems like she doesn’t really like Lisa. Yolanda thinks Lisa is fake because Lisa is always saying horrible things about Kyle yet she later decided to be friends her without even talking about anything. Brandi has been questioning if Lisa was ever a real friends and I truly think Lisa was. I also think Lisa enjoyed Brandi saying the things she would want to but never did. Yolanda is throwing all kinds of shade towards Lisa even stating that forgiveness never comes out of Lisa’s mouth. Brandi chimes in and explains that she’s upset that Lisa has stopped calling her in the morning and is now calling Kyle Richards. Lisa denies this and is just not used to getting confronted. Kyle comes along and that’s when Lisa feels attacked and walks away from the situation. Brandi is annoyed because she feels like she didn’t even get to say what she needed too. Yolanda points out that walking away is not going to fix things. Brandi, Yolanda, and Kyle are now all sitting together and Brandi wants Kyle to know the truth about Lisa. That’s when Brandi reveals after Lisa saw some magazine covers of the rumors regarding Kyle and Mauricio’s marriage, Lisa pushed Brandi to bring it up in Palm Springs while Brandi didn’t want too. Kyle is shocked by this. To me it seems like Brandi wanted Kyle to be against Lisa once she realized Brandi and Kyle were getting close.

Kyle doesn’t even know how to feel at this point. Lisa runs over to her husband to tell her the ladies are being “mean.” Like I said, Lisa is not used to being on the other side and she doesn’t know how to handle it. This obviously upsets Ken as it would any husband. Yolanda then comes up to Ken and Lisa and wants to know why Lisa is walking away from the situation. Ken then doesn’t like how Yolanda is acting towards Lisa so gets involved and Yolanda and him start going back and fourth. This leads Yolanda and Brandi to walk away.

Kyle then goes over to Ken and Lisa and tells her what Brandi told her. Kyle wants to know the truth. Lisa denies the entire accusation and Ken is still getting very irritated. I personally think if Brandi was really lying about Lisa and the magazine ordeal, Lisa would confront Brandi in front of Kyle and put Brandi in her place…The truth is Lisa has never had Kyle’s back and at times, Kyle has not had Lisa’s back. Lisa needs to stop acting like she’s always had Kyle’s back. Lisa is denying the entire thing and back over at Mauricio, Kim is explaining what Brandi revealed about Lisa wanting the rumors to be addressed at Palm Springs. This irritates Mauricio because he truly thought Lisa and Ken were his friends. Ken notices Mauricio is upset and tells him that what Brandi said is not true. I understand Ken is sticking up for his wife but Ken wasn’t there when it happened and let’s not forget the conversation Ken and Lisa had where Lisa kept insinuating there could be a possibility Mauricio cheated on Kyle while Ken slammed those rumors. Lisa just wants them to forget about the rumors and not bring it up in front of Brandi..doesn’t that kind of tell you something?

Later that night, the group is having dinner and things are just awkward. Everyone is on the bus and Lisa wants to know what the hell is going on in Brandi’s head. She thought the two were friends. Brandi is now making it like her issue with Lisa is Scheana. None of this is making sense because Brandi was fine with Scheana up until now. Brandi says that a mutual friend told her Scheana said that Lisa was always aware Scheana had an affair with Brandi’s ex-husband while she was pregnant. Lisa denies being close to Scheana and Brandi states that she hears the opposite. I think Lisa is very close to her employees and should not be denying this. Ken is just getting upset that people are confronting his wife and again, it is understandable and sort of cute. Lisa is shockingly still being nice to Brandi when she was the one who started all of this. So it’s just not making any sense. I’m starting to believe the only reason Lisa is playing nice with Brandi is because Lisa knows Brandi will open her mouth about things Lisa has told her in the past and wants to avoid that from happening.

Everyone is at dinner and things are still just awkward. Kyle thinks it’s a good idea to just ask Lisa and Brandi together what the truth is regarding if Lisa really did want Brandi to bring those magazines to Palm Springs to bring out the rumors. Kyle asks, and this upsets Ken. He doesn’t understand why the hell Kyle is asking when they already brought this up. Kyle explains she wants to know who’s telling the truth. Lisa still denies and Brandi claims Lisa is lying about this. I’ll be honest, Lisa looks like she is lying. In my opinion, I think she is lying. Yolanda then questions why Ken keeps getting involved and Ken calls her stupid. Yolanda doesn’t take too kindly to this. Ken is just upset that this is getting brought up and Kim chimes in and just says Kyle wants to obviously know the truth. Ken is now asking Kim to stay out of this and this riles Kim up! Kim calls Ken a stubborn old man and starts bringing up her issues with Lisa and Ken. Everything is getting out of hand and Kyle now wants it to stop. Ken and Lisa have had enough and Ken thinks Lisa is being attacked so he makes them leave and shockingly, Ken still nicely says bye to Brandi who again, started all of this. Brandi is acting overwhelmed but she is the one who started all of this. As Ken and Lisa are going back to there hotel, Ken wonders if Kim is back to drinking again. Ouch. In the end, I think Brandi got what she wanted. Kyle and Lisa will never ever get back to being close friends again. Lisa doesn’t understand why Brandi has betrayed her and is upset. The best part of tonight’s episode, for me at least was the fact that Carlton didn’t appear on the episode. Thank you, Bravo for doing one thing right.

Thoughts on what went down on Monday’s episode? Team Lisa or Brandi? Let’s Discuss!

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