Kim D Slams Jennifer Dalton, Reveals She’s Great With The Gorgas And Even Styles Melissa Sometimes!

KimDJenniferFight After many seasons of stirring things up with her dreaded/loved Posche Fashion Shows, Kim D is officially a “friend of the Housewives” on Real Housewives of New Jersey, as we exclusively revealed back in November last year. It looks like she doesn’t get to write an official Bravo blog, so she is taking to the next best thing – her Facebook page. For her first season five appearance, Kim D is talking about going to see Teresa’s dad with her at the hospital and why it’s important for her to be there for Teresa. She also takes a dig at Jennifer Dalton which pissed Jennifer off at started a bit of a Facebook feud! Check out what Kim D also has to say about her status with the Gorgas:
Hi Dolls!! By now most of you know that I am now an “official Friend of the Housewives” on Season 5 of RHONJ! I had a blast filming for five months with all the ladies and there will be lots of fashion, laughs, and of course some drama to come! In honor of the start of the new season and my first appearance on last night’s episode (albeit short and sweet), I have decided to start my own blog from my personal Facebook page. Here it goes! At the beginning of last year my mother was diagnosed very suddenly with lung cancer. It was one of the hardest times in my life I have ever had to go through. Both Teresa and Jacqueline were there for me every step of the way during that horrible period. When Teresa’s father got sick I wanted her to know that I was there for her as she was for me. I know her parents mean the world to her. I thank god everyday that my mother is doing fabulous and pray that Teresa’s father soon will be too. He is a wonderful man! I have to briefly touch upon the realtor who showed the Gorgas’ house to the perspective buyers. Let’s just say you will all find out how I feel about her before the season’s end! And name dropping? Why do we need to know that her client has a son with P. Diddy?! Just saying… Last but not least, I am very flattered to hear that I was the million dollar question! Joe Gorga did apologize to me on the reunion because he knew what he did and said was wrong. I accepted his apology and we are fine now. Same goes for Melissa and myself. We have resolved our issues and are moving forward. She has even started shopping at Posche! We recently styled her for RHONJ press and a celebrity wedding in the Hamptons! Time to wrap this up; (I just got back from a weekend in Atlantic City and my dogs missed their mommy!) but I will continue to blog every week after each episode! There is a lot to look forward to including the launch of my new cuff line, Cuffs by Kim D, and also a Posche 2! Stay tuned! Kim xo
Side note: I can’t help but giggle at Kim D writing a “blog” but on Facebook. Clearly Kim D can’t stand Jennifer. There were rumors that the season finale is them getting into a cat fight! Jennifer got wind of Kim D’s blog and she commented, telling Kim D. Jennifer replied:
Kim really? Watch your mouth, when you show a luxury home you HAVE to provide all forms of income and prove the buyer can afford the property. What Misa makes a month in child support is what you probably make a year at Posche. Just because cameras are on me, doesn’t give me the right to not do my job properly. Regarding name dropping, YOU were the 1st one in line trying to get pics with my BFF at my charity event, so stop the bs. Also don’t call me realtor…. You know my name well, use it. You went crazy when Melissa disrespected you and your business, so now your gonna do to others what you don’t like done to yourself?? FYI stay in your lane, that was not your home nor does that pertain to you. If Melissa doesn’t have a problem and tweeted I love Jen after the show Sun night, then you need to BLOG ON YOUR PERSONAL FACEBOOK LOL about your scenes and what your involved in. Thanks
Kim D hit back with:
Yes really Jenn !! This is my fb page and I will post whatever I want !!! Soo stay in your lane before I post your personal shit too !!!! I chose not to use your name because of my opinion if you !!!
This is reminding me of Dana Wilkey and Brandi Glanville 2.0! Thoughts on the little spat between these two? Did Kim D have a right to call out Jennifer on something that she wasn’t involved in?

Kim D is a “friend of the Housewives” on Real Housewives of New Jersey, meaning she is not a full-time cast member but makes appearances on the show.

: In her first season five appearance, Kim D talks about going to see Teresa’s dad at the hospital and why it’s important for her to be there for Teresa. She also takes a dig at Jennifer Dalton, which starts a Facebook feud between the two.

 The feud between Kim D and Jennifer is about Jennifer’s role as a realtor who showed the Gorgas’ house to potential buyers. Kim D expresses her negative feelings towards Jennifer and criticizes her for name-dropping and not properly doing her job. Jennifer responds by defending herself and calling out Kim D for her own actions.

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