Heather Dubrow Calls Out Lydia McLaughlin!


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Real Housewives of Orange County star is confused with newest housewife Lydia McLaughlin and calls her out on her blog. Heather says she doesn’t understand how Lydia thinks its okay to get drunk and go out to the bar and get wild with the other ladies but isn’t okay with strippers? See what Lydia had to say below

“In the limo with Gretchen: I know Gretchen was upset about being ditched (as was I). However, I don’t think that opens the door to start trashing everyone. Vicki and I have always had a good relationship. I don’t want to know about things that are none of my business. I can’t put myself in Gretchen’s shoes — she has her own history with Vicki. But as far as I’m concerned, who cares? Vicki and Donn are divorced — let it go. Quite frankly, I don’t care for rumors.

The Streets of Puerto Vallarta: After watching Tamra, Vicki, Lydia carry on in Puerto Vallarta, I’m so glad I WASN’T there! Say what you like about me, but I do like to have fun. . a LOT of fun. But dancing on bars, doing body shots, and walking barefoot through the streets of a foreign country is not my idea of fun.

Having said that, it’s still not OK to ditch a friend ever. I know I said it last week — but I would never have left any of them behind. All I kept thinking was “I left my kids for this?”

Vicki peeing on the bed? There are no words for this.

The next day. . .I am really proud of Gretchen for rallying after being ditched the night before. She was VERY upset and still, in the spirit of Tamra’s weekend is moving on.

The Bullring. . .I just wanted you all to know that the bull was saved because of us. Bulls can only go into the ring once. So our Bull “Navarro” was going back to a farm to live out his life in peace and not fight! Phew! Good going Gretchen!

The “Bachelorette”: Let me repeat I HAVE NEVER SEEN A STRIPPER BEFORE, except on TV, on a fictional show.

Lydia, why is it OK to ditch friends, get drunk and dance on bars, walk barefoot through Mexico and then be super judgmental about the racy gifts and strippers?!?

Mental note: Dancing and sexing it up on a bar in front of strange men OK, strippers not. Got it.

I’m not comfortable seeing the strippers, but I’m going with it for Tamra. I’m completely OK with Lydia not wanting to be a part of this, I fully support her decision. No one is coercing her to stay. I must say though I feel she is judging everyone else for participating. Especially after hearing about her conversation with Alexis.

STRIPPERS?!? I thought they were going to dance like Chippendales?!? Bowties? A little dance routine? That’s what I’ve seen on TV! I was SHOCKED when these men got going!!! I think I through enough hand sanitizer to kill any germs that may have been on those strippers! Gretchen’s hair was like that scene in There’s Something About Mary when I was done! Her bangs were standing straight up!!! Too funny!

The strippers were absolutely not my thing, but I’m glad I was there for Tamra. We had a good laugh after it was over! Having said that, I NEVER want to see any of that nonsense again!!! Yuck!”

To be honest, I disagree with Heather. I think having fun with your girlfriends and dancing with them is a bit different than naked men all over you. Do you agree with Heather?

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