RHONJ Reunion: Cast’s Friendship Status and Social Media Talk

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 10.15.53 AM The Real Housewives of New Jersey is back and the ladies have been doing tons of press to talk about what will happen this season. The ladies recently stopped by a New York restaurant and did a Q&A with North Jersey about RHONJ and talk about what the RHONJ reunion will be like this time around!
AP: When a new season starts airing, do you dread it or look forward to it? Wakile: Dread! (Laughs.) Gorga: I think it’s a little of both. It’s crazy when it comes on because there’s a lot said that you don’t see that’s filmed, and then we’ve come so far from where we were in the beginning, so it’s very hard to rewatch the beginning but you just have to remember it was before the makeup and before everything got better in all of our situations. Manzo: There’s also the social media aspect. The assumption viewers make not really knowing what’s going on, not really knowing how things played out and they’re not very forgiving in what they have to say. For me it’s all encompassing and we film for six months. We don’t know what’s gonna make it on the shows. We see it three days before you do. The anticipation for us is, ‘When that DVD comes, what’s on this?’ Laurita: It’s not always our full conversations. It might be a snippet of it. Wakile: The whole conversation can’t possibly make it. We’ve done so much work and the episode will air and it will be something that happened so long ago and our good feelings will get ripped apart by everybody making comments and you start to question your relationships again. You’ve got to be really confident and know in your heart that you did come to a good place. Do some viewers prefer to see you fighting? Manzo: Oh, they love it. Laurita: They do, but then when you fight they’re like, ‘Why can’t you guys get along?’ Gorga: When you’re fighting they don’t like it and when you’re getting along they’re like, ‘Boring!’ Wakile: It’s what makes us different than the other (‘Real Housewives’) shows because these are our lives and our families as well. You may not know why we feel the way we feel. You may see some of what we’re feeling but you don’t know where it stems from. Do people on social media sometimes add fuel to the fire? Giudice: Sometimes they twist it and make it worse than it is. Manzo: And it’s crazy because I don’t pay attention to it but it’s such a huge part of what this show has become. Laurita: It’s like, ‘You don’t know the full story.’ Manzo: You have to have a hard shell around you. For me, five seasons in I’m bulletproof, but somebody that’s new in the game, it’s very distracting. By the time we see the reunion episode do you think you’ll all still be friends? Manzo: We’re hopeful but we don’t know what lies ahead of us. We know how our last few weeks of filming was, we know what our final scene was, but we don’t know if any of that’s gonna make it on. We don’t know the story that’s gonna be told. So to say if we’re gonna be in this same place four months from now, it’s an impossible question to answer. Gorga: We’ve come this far. It would be really sad to go backwards. Giudice: I never want to go backwards.
I hope everyone remains friends when the reunion comes by but I highly doubt it only because some of the ladies will get bothered by what another person said on the interviews that they didn’t like. These ladies sometimes allow the petty stuff to affect them. Thoughts on what the ladies had to say?

The ladies have mixed feelings. While they look forward to it, they also dread it because there are things said and filmed that viewers don’t see. They have come a long way since the beginning, so it can be difficult to rewatch those early moments. Additionally, the social media aspect adds to the anticipation and pressure.

Yes, some viewers enjoy the drama and conflicts between the ladies. However, there are also viewers who criticize them for not getting along. It’s a catch-22 situation where fighting can be entertaining, but getting along can be seen as boring.

 Yes, social media can sometimes worsen the situations. People twist the events and make them appear worse than they actually are. The cast members emphasize that viewers don’t always know the full story and should be cautious about jumping to conclusions based on social media discussions.

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