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RHOBH Recap: And So The Drama Continues On The RHOBH Reunion…

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills part 2 reunion took place Monday night and it was no different than last week! Yesterday’s episode continued from last week when Yolanda, Kyle, and Kim get into a heated argument about who said what. Yolanda denies saying anything bad about Lisa in the airport to Paris while Kyle and Kim reveal she really did bash Lisa. Lisa believes Yolanda would never say anything bad about her. I truly am convinced Yolanda did say something about Lisa just because she was so irritated with Lisa throughout the entire Paris trip!

Paul and Adrienne’s marriage gets brought up. The two clearly had an odd relationship constantly bickering throughout being on the Real Housewives. Lisa says she knew they always had problems and reveals that Adrienne had told her Paul had moved out a couple of times in the first season! Interesting. I don’t blame him! They discuss whether they think Paul abused Adrienne or the children and no one believes that Paul could have touched anyone!

The discussion gets moved to Kyle and Kim’s relationship and Brandi says something that really should have never been said. Brandi says she feels like Kyle wants Kim to fail. Kyle and Kim have had their problems but it’s common sense that Kyle wouldn’t want Kim to fail and I think Brandi was so out of line for even saying that. Everyone seemed shocked when Brandi had the nerve to say such a thing. Taylor immediately had Kyle’s back and Kim got emotional. Brandi later apologizes for her statement realizing she was probably wrong.

The house husbands later join the gang and things get heated! Mauricio stands by what he previously said regarding Brandi and the Adrienne drama. He still thinks Brandi should have just apologized to the Maloof’s and Ken and Brandi both agreed that it was wrong for Mauricio to speak to Brandi the way he did. Mauricio apologized and said he’s just passionate and Lisa speaks up saying Mauricio is only so passionate about the Maloof situation because Mauricio sold the Maloof’s home! Mauricio denies this and gets a bit angry saying that it was untrue and that he can separate business and friendship. Andy then brings up how Lisa said Mauricio lost interest in their friendship after he sold there home. Mauricio said the only reason any distance happened is because of what happened with Kyle and Lisa’s friendship. Mauricio and Paul have genuinely always been good friends and you could see that from the very beginning so I don’t think that Mauricio was only passionate because he wanted to sell Adrienne’s home.

The episode ends with the ladies looking back at everything that’s happened and discussing that they all hope they can get closer! What were your thoughts on part 2 of the reunion? Who do you think will remain friends? Let’s Discuss!

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