Joe Gorga: The Truth Behind the Physical Altercation and Pressing Charges

Earlier today we reported that things got ugly on The Real Housewives of New Jersey! Kim D opened Posche 2 this past weekend and Penny and Johnny the Greek attended. AllAboutTRH reported that Penny got on good terms with both Joe Gorga and Melissa but that doesn’t mean her husband did!.
We have the EXCLUSIVE details from an insider that attended the event on what caused the big brawl, “Joe Gorga was asking Johnny the Greek why he’s made rumors up about his wife Melissa. Johnny assumed that they were all going to just make peace but with cameras rolling Joe Gorga had a different idea. Johnny told Joe Gorga that he doesn’t want to get into it and Joe wouldn’t stop questioning him. That’s when Johnny told Joe that if he wanted to know who’s telling him stuff about Melissa to ask Teresa because she knows. Johnny turned around to look at Teresa and Joe Gorga then attacked Johnny. Johnny fought back and was held by security. Joe attempted to attack him again and Chris Laurita got involved! Chris Laurita attacked Johnny and Jacqueline came from the other side hitting Johnny with her heels onto his head!” The lauritas claim that Johnny has said something about Nicholas but my insiders reveal Nicolas name was never mentioned. The source continues, “Chris and Jacqueline did this for no reason because Johnny never once mentioned their sons name or spoke badly about their son! Bravo knew that a fight was going to happen. Johnny later went to the station and is pressing charges on Joe Gorga, Chris Laurita and Bravo!” Sources adds, “Richard Wakile and Joe Gorga met with Johnny a week before but Joe Gorga didn’t fight him. It’s obvious Joe only wanted to fight because the cameras were rolling!” Keep in mind Johnny isn’t getting paid to appear on the Real Housewives so I don’t blame him for pressing charges if things are getting physical! RHONJ season 5 looks like it’s going to be filled with endless drama! Are you surprised things got physical?

The brawl was triggered when Joe Gorga confronted Johnny the Greek about spreading rumors about his wife, Melissa. Despite Johnny’s attempt to avoid the confrontation, Joe persisted, leading Johnny to suggest that Joe ask Teresa, who supposedly knows the truth. This exchange escalated into a physical altercation involving Joe Gorga, Johnny, Chris Laurita, and Jacqueline.

No, according to insiders, Johnny never mentioned or spoke badly about Chris and Jacqueline’s son, Nicholas. The Lauritas claim that Johnny made comments about their son, but the sources reveal that Nicholas’ name was never brought up during the altercation.

Yes, Johnny went to the station and is pressing charges against Joe Gorga, Chris Laurita, and Bravo. This decision was made because of the physical altercation that occurred during the event. It is worth noting that Johnny is not being paid to appear on The Real Housewives, which may have influenced his decision to press charges.

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