RHOBH Reunion Recap: The Richards Sisters VS Yolanda Foster!


The reunion was a lot different than I expected. I expected to be on Yolanda and Brandi’s side throughout it all but I actually found myself cringing at Yolanda. Yes, I love that Yolanda isn’t scared to call things out but again she always puts herself in the middle of a situation that has nothing to do with her!

Andy begins the reunion announcing Adrienne has been fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for not attending the reunion. I think it was extremely cowardly of Adrienne not to show up and I also am certain she is going to later regret it! Brandi says she won’t miss her-Amen sista! So many censored secrets this season really left viewers irritated and Lisa doesn’t get why Adrienne would sign up for a reality show with so many things that she wanted to be kept private. Brandi makes a good point and says that Adrienne wanted to be famous. Adrienne might have all the money in the world but she can’t buy fame!

Yolanda Foster is extremely aggressive with Kyle Richards and I’m still not understanding why! Kyle has never personally done anything to Yolanda. I personally think if Lisa and Kyle never had tension, Yolanda wouldn’t have such a problem with Kyle.

Andy asks Yolanda and Kim about the “plans” they made that Yolanda says Kim never showed up to! Remember? Involving the master cleanse. Kim is upset by this because they never actually communicated that they had plans. I get where Kim is coming from. She’s worried that people are going to think she’s back where she was last season. Yolanda makes a good point at the reunion saying that the girls should have a relationship outside of the show and I totally agree. I feel like everything would be more real if that was the case.

Andy later focuses on Taylor Armstrong and I really wanted to press the forward button but unfortunately was watching live. Andy brings up how Taylor blasted Kim on her blog saying she wasn’t Doctor Drew and she’s the last person who should say anything to Taylor about her drinking. I felt bad for Kim at this point because I think Kim was genuinely trying to help Taylor.

Taylor’s parenting skills get brought up and Kyle explains some things weren’t aired regarding the episode with Taylor not knowing Kyle had her daughter. Brandi says Kyle shouldn’t have been discussing Taylor to the girls but I don’t think Brandi should discuss Adrienne’s surrogacy with the girls either if that’s the case! Everyone on the show discusses drama/each other and everyone on the show is a full out hypocrite! Again, I’m convinced the Real Housewives franchise should be changed to the Real Hypocrites! It was especially interesting to see Yolanda and Brandi continue to make comments to Kyle while Lisa kept quiet. Taylor’s love life gets brought up and it’s revealed that her man was married when they got together. Taylor denies this but Brandi says that he was married. The lawyer AKA John left his wife for Taylor and there’s no denying that!

Lisa Vanderpump finally speaks and says Kyle only got close with Adrienne so that Mauricio could list her mansion! Lisa adds that Kyle’s relationship with Adrienne was strictly business. Kyle is getting hurt by Lisa’s accusations. Lisa then says her relationship changed with Kyle once Mauricio sold Lisa and Ken’s home! I have to disagree with this one. Throughout the season, we do see Kyle literally beg for Lisa’s forgiveness while Lisa is simply over the relationship. I think it changed only because Kyle gave up!

Brandi and Kyle then discuss how they got along all season and in comes Yolanda ruining the moment saying Kyle spoke about Brandi’s plastic surgery in Paris. So petty! Just let them have there moment! Kyle get’s so frustrated that she ends up revealing Yolanda called Lisa phony in paris. Kim backs up Kyle and says that Yolanda did say Lisa was never Kim’s friend and was acting up for the camera and that she is in fact phony. I believe Yolanda did say this only because she seemed to be getting irritated with Lisa not letting the situation go regarding Kim at Paris. Yolanda seemed nervous and very defensive. She also shot a low blow when she looked at Kim and said ‘you remembered?’ while Brandi Glanville laughed at the comment. When Andy asks Lisa whether she believes Kyle and Kim over Yolanda, Lisa says she doesn’t! OUCH!

The reunion was different then I assumed it would be! Thoughts on the reunion? Who do you believe? Kyle or Yolanda? Do you think Kyle and Adrienne’s friendship was ‘strictly business’ like Lisa claims? Let’s Discuss!

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