RHOBH Season Finale Recap: ‘I Do’s’ And ‘We’re Through!’


Everything about Monday’s episodes of the RHOBH was jaw dropping! Let’s being with the season 3 finale! The episode continues from last week and Faye manages to get in more drama with everyone at Lisa’s party. It’s getting out of hand and making Kyle look bad simply because she is Kyle’s friend and no one else at the party likes her.

Faye and Lisa decide to have a one on one and Faye says she thinks Brandi is Lisa’s mouthpiece. Listen, Faye is not my favorite person. Heck, I can’t stand her but didn’t Lisa say a few episodes back that Faye was Kyle’s mouthpiece? The real housewives should be changed to the real hypocrites! This upsets Lisa and Lisa now feels insulted. Yolanda, Marisa and Brandi see Lisa and Faye talk so they feel the need to get involved and walk over. Yolanda is great sometimes but she can be really annoying. None of this drama ever involves her but she always has something to say! I can’t imagine being in drama and having someone constantly say something and put there two sense when it has nothing to do with them! Everyone’s at Faye’s throat and I get it. Kyle see’s Faye and is debating whether she should get involved. She says she doesn’t like being in the middle and we obviously know that’s true.

Kyle goes over to the group and everyones going back and fourth. Blah blah. Faye ends up walking away. Thank goodness! Kyle is later explaining the drama to Taylor’s friend. Why is Taylor’s friend randomly always at these events wanting to know everything that’s going down? Kyle is telling Taylor’s friend why Faye has a problem with Brandi. She say’s it’s because Brandi has hurt Adrienne. That’s when Kim Richards gets involved and makes it about her. Watching Kim freak out about Kyle not bringing up what Brandi “did” to Kim is exhausting. Kim plays the victim. Kim says what Brandi did to her affected and almost killed her. Kim, get over it. Why would Kyle bring this up AGAIN when we already spoke about it all last season. I get why Kyle didn’t mention Kim’s name since Kim and Brandi are on good terms now. Kim needs to take responsibility and realize she did it to herself! Everything Kyle does is wrong according to Kim! The thing that bothered me the most about Kim and Kyle bickering with one another is that Yolanda found her way in the middle! Yolanda comforted Kim and and got involved when again this had nothing to do with her!

Shockingly Adrienne Maloof shows up to Lisa Vanderpump’s party and everyone is super surprised by her appearance! I’m really confused as to why she would attend? She literally just announced her separation and why attend a wedding renewal when you just found out you’re getting a divorce? Some of the girls notice Adrienne and immediately run towards her to comfort her. Adrienne looks a mess. Kyle is crying seeing Adrienne this way. Kyle even points out that she has tried to call Adrienne. What I’ve noticed is Kyle was always good to Adrienne while Adrienne never showed she was good to Kyle. Adrienne tells the girls she has been served with paper and I’m still blown away that she is at Lisa’s party discussing this? She’s not even real friends with Lisa so why did she insist on showing up to her party and making things about her? The most ridiculous part of it all was she didn’t approach Lisa or Ken and instead left after making everyone feel sorry for her. Yolanda thinks Adrienne choose to announce her divorce on Lisa and Ken’s special day purposely. I personally don’t think it was intentional and since it was Paul who filed the papers, I don’t think he would do that. Adrienne chooses to leave and asks Kyle to give Lisa a message for her. Adrienne keeps digging herself deeper.

Finally the good part! The renewal of Lisa and Ken’s vows. Tell me you did not tear up watching them. Ken is so genuine about his feelings when it comes to Lisa and it’s so admirable to watch I must admit I got a little teary eyed! Perfect ending to the season!

What were your thoughts on the season finale? Do you think Adrienne should have showed up? Let’s Discuss!

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