RHOBH Recap: And So The Drama Continues!


And so the drama continues with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! Everyone is still at the Moroccan dinner and things keep getting uglier. Mauricio won’ let the Brandi and Adrienne drama go. Kyle Richards even attempts to shut Mauricio up and makes it clear she doesn’t want Brandi Glanville to feel attacked.

Kim Richards then says she something I thought was a little silly. She pointed out she’s been a single mother for quite a while and with being a single mother she knows that you should keep your mouth shut? This might be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard Kim say. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you should keep your mouth shut. Sometimes you shouldn’t say certain things but that’s about it and that goes for anyone who’s single or married.

Taylor Armstrong then makes everything about herself as usual and begins talking to Camille about how she has been through the most. Who cares who’s been through the most? And how did the topic of discussion get back to you..AGAIN? Taylor isn’t really feeling Yolanda and and even points out that Yolanda’s husband isn’t as perfect as they make it seem. How does Taylor know this? Apparently she was friends with Yolanda’s husband Dave’s Ex wife! I think that’s when Camille starts feeling uncomfortable.

Kyle is heard screaming, “it’s not about the surrogacy” and from there, it is revealed that the big secret Brandi exposed was the surrogacy and Bravo failed to edit it out! The party is over and Lisa and Ken head out. They acknowledge that things have changed regarding there relationship with Kyle and Mauricio and I think it’s kind of sad.

Kyle and Mauricio invite Adrienne and Paul to dinner. It’s still so odd seeing Adrienne and Paul together considering they divorced shortly after filming these episodes! Kyle and Mauricio let Adrienne and Paul know they have there back.

Brandi and Marisa have some dinner because Marisa is really liking Brandi. The two get along great but Brandi points out that Marisa makes her husband feel uncomfortable by talking about other men who are good looking. Marisa also brings her brother along which is quite weird but I think it’s cute that there so close.

Brandi calls Kyle Richards after finding out they’ll be at the same event to make sure everything is cool and Kyle reassures it it’s all good. The ladies go to a gallery and Brandi invites everyone to Vegas for an event she’ll be hosting and Taylor kindly declines. Joy. Taylor won’t be going! In comes Paris Hilton which is quite random.

Marisa then starts speaking about her husband again and tells Taylor Armstrong that she doesn’t think her husband is sexy and points out how she regrets getting married so early. Marisa’s husband Dean seems like a great guy so I feel a bit bad for him.

Mauricio gives Ken a peace offering at the Gallery and Ken doesn’t seem like he’s having it. But I agree with Mauricio-the two can disagree. Friends disagree. No grudges should be held especially with men.

And so the drama continues in Vegas next week! Thoughts on Monday’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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