RHOA Recap: Kenya Moore VS Phaedra Parks!


This week’s Real Housewives of Atlanta is a battle of donkey vs. stallion! As we learned, Phaedra is getting the wheels going on her donkey booty workout DVD and last week she had a falling out with Kenya after a business dealing gone awry!

Kenya is at the hair show and tells Cynthia that since Phaedra has nipped her out of the deal, she now has a distribution deal to fulfill. How does Kenya plan to do this? With her own stallion booty workout video! Ugh. Cynthia quickly tries not to take sides but she clearly is liking the fact that Kenya is attacking Phaedra….just a little bit. Side note: Cynthia and Kenya sure became friends very quickly.

Kandi pops by Derek J’s hair shop to get her hair done and he spills the tea on Kenya’s supposed stallion booty DVD. Kandi can’t believe that Kenya would bootleg Phaedra’s idea! Since Kandi is BFF’s with Phaedra, she is on team donkey and she makes it known to Phaedra as soon as she can.

Phaedra is rightfully pissed off and feels like Kenya is copying her and doing it out of spite. She even basically calls Kenya an alcoholic and bipolar. Ouch! That may or may not be right, though. Given Kenya’s behavior all season long.

It seems that everyone has an opinion on this stallion vs. donkey business. Even NeNe! She is babysitting her granddaughter and says that Phaedra is fake and shady. NeNe is funny but I think she’s missing something here because Kenya should not be acting so viciously and taking Phaedra’s idea. It’s clear who NeNe sides with here. Stallion.

Phaedra secures a deal with the producers of workout videos for Jane Fonda and Madonna! So she’s already wining over the stallion copycat.

Cynthia is hosting a children’s fashion show and she has enlisted Ayden, Phaedra’s son. Ayden is not having any of this! He’s so adorable, but he did not inherit his mother’s over the top ways, clearly. Apollo ends up having to walk Ayden down the runway and it’s so cute.

After the show, the ladies bump into each other and the drama of the stallion booty DVD has tensions high. Kenya is angry and well, very Kenya-esque when she bumps into Apollo and Phaedra! The revelations is brought up and Apollo calls Kenya a copycat to her face. Kenya is worked up and doesn’t even deny being a copycat – she owns it. Kenya tells them she will be copy-catting all the way to the banks and twirls away! Fabulous.

Next week Kenya confronts Phaedra and all hell is sure to break loose. Stallion vs. donkey – the main event.

It seems that Kenya is right- she is the new star of RHOA. All the storylines are revolving around her and she is taking the show by the reigns. We might as well laugh with her and not at her at this point. Porsha is still pointless. Do something, girl!

Let’s discuss! Are you Team Donkey or Team Stallion?

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