RHOBH Recap: Another Dinner Party From Hell!


On Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it begins back at Mauricio’s event where Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif decide to leave after putting their faces all up on Brandi Glanville. Brandi is obviously shook and Kyle and Kim are discussing what just happened. Brandi looks stunned just like anyone would be after a man came so close to their face calling them names. Regardless of what Paul did, I like him. And I get that he’s sticking up for his wife but it was still hard to watch.

Taylor Armstrong is standing next to Brandi and seems like she’s going to blow up at any moment. She is in disbelief of what happened even though she wasn’t involved. She some how makes it about her when the ladies are discussing what just happened and brings up how Camille called her out for getting abused. Camille is irritated and so is Kyle who is BFF’s with Taylor. Camille explains that the situation with Brandi and Adrienne is way different then the situation with Taylor since Taylor was telling all of Beverly Hills that her husband was abusing her regardless of Camille calling it out. Kyle approaches Brandi who is still in shock. Brandi decides its a good idea to leave.

A few days later Kyle and Mauricio talk about the dinner that Kyle is throwing in her new dining area to show off how fabulous her dining room looks. As if anyone really cares. Kyle mentions she’s invited Brandi and Mauricio is confused. Mauricio has had it up to here with Brandi and defends Paul and Adrienne for freaking out at her. Kyle explains that she invited her before his event and he simply rolls his eyes.

The dinner party: Everyone shows up to the dinner party including Kyle’s BFF Faye and we are introduced to Kyle’s friend Marisa Zanuck! I was shocked to see that Brandi decided to go to the dinner party especially since it’s at Kyle’s house. If I was Brandi, I would have avoided it and figured that the only thing everyone would talk about is…me! The ladies are all sitting down when suddenly Kyle’s best friend Faye who by the way does not know Brandi demands that Brandi apologize to Adrienne. Faye begins attacking Brandi while everyone keeps hush hush. You could see however that Lisa wanted to blow up and tell everyone to shut up but God knows where that would get her! Marisa finally speaks out and Faye shushes her up telling Marisa that she doesn’t know Brandi..because you know, Faye knows Brandi. Theres a difference about knowing someone or hearing stuff about them from a person who isn’t even fond of them! Brandi has had enough and excuses herself from the table because she is sick of having to defend herself. Kyle mouths a swear word like she’s upset about what happened when she could have just told Faye to stop attacking her guest! Faye crossed the line and had no business talking to Brandi about anything since the two don’t even know each other! It was painful to watch!

Most Depressing Part Of The Episode: Seeing Yolanda work her ass off! She looks incredible and actually enjoys working out. I say it’s depressing to watch because I hate working out and I envy her!

Best Part Of The Episode: Ken! Who doesn’t love Ken? He makes me LOL!


What were your thoughts on Monday’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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