RHOA Recap: Cynthia & Peter Renew Vows; Kenya Loses It With Porsha!


This week’s Real Housewives of Atlanta was a very loaded episode! NeNe noticed something was off between Kenya and Walter and did no hesitate to ask if their relationship was for real. Cynthia and Peter had a touching moment when Peter surprised her with an island vow renewal. And lastly, Porsha was explaining herself to Kenya regarding their argument at Porsha’s charity event, which set Kenya off into a screaming match that ended with the now infamous “gone with the wind fabulous!” quote! Let’s get into it.

We kick off where we left off last week. Kenya is flirting up a storm with the other men and she blurts out to Phaedra and Apollo if she would allow a “free pass” for Apollo on his birthday. Kenya is hinting yet again, except Apollo is a married man and she has a boyfriend sitting right there. Phaedra is not about this conversation so she puts an end to it right then and there and tells Kenya not to disrespect her marriage.

Kenya tones it down and says she was just playing and that she said that in good fun. Phaedra says her husband sleeping with another woman is not fun. Kenya is so nasty for even “joking” about that. If anybody asked me that about my significant other I would be so disrespected and would never trust or want to be around this person again, to be honest.

Phaedra tells Kenya that she just wanted to nip that in the butt so that it wouldn’t escalate and have people get the wrong idea. Phaedra was pretty nice about this to Kenya and I was hoping she’d go ghetto on her crazy self, but she didn’t. 🙁

NeNe is also taken aback by Kenya’s actions and mentions what we’re all thinking. NeNe asks Kenya if her relationship is for real, since she’s been flirting up a storm all throughout the trip with other men even though Walter is also on the trip. Peter brings up the question out loud to everyone else, and finally someone is calling Kenya out.

NeNe says something about their relationship doesn’t smell right. Kenya gets defensive and denies that her relationship is fake.Very calmly she says everything is great with Walter. Kenya is smart not to get too rowdy with NeNe…

Earlier this week, however, Walter put Kenya on blast and admitted that Kenya brought him on board to pretend to be her boyfriend for a story line. Maybe he was right!

While at the dance show, Cynthia was back-to-back with Peter so she didn’t see that Kenya was grinding her butt on Peter’s crotch, so while on the topic of Kenya being skanky with other husbands, Porsha asked Cynthia if she had noticed. In the clip, it looked like Cynthia could see Kenya on the other side of Peter but I guess she didn’t because Cynthia said she was unaware of that. Cynthia acts like she is bothered but just lets it go.

Gregg cooks a dinner for everyone and they all seem to be getting along sharing stories of sex in the jacuzzi and all night in their rooms. Gross and awkward. Peter calls all the guys into the house to reveal the details of the surprise he has for Cynthia tomorrow on Sandy Island. He will organize everything as a “white party” and he wants the guys to help him pull of the surprise.

Kenya is unaware of the vow renewal so Walter pulls her aside at dinner to tell her something. As Walter removes her from the group, Kenya is seriously beaming. She has this smile on her face and we all know what she’s thinking. Is this her proposal?! Is Walter going to finally pop the question?! Walter sits her down and tells her that tomorrow there will be a surprise vow renewal for Cynthia and Peter. Womp womp. Kenya is so disappointed and I’m just sad and embarrASSed for her.

The following day all the girls are getting dolled up for the white party vow renewal but first, Cynthia has organized a ladies massage and spa day. While getting massages, which Phaedra titled a “donkey expo!” (because they were all naked) Kenya and NeNe discuss Walter again.

NeNe wants it to be known that she isn’t talking smack about her relationship, just saying what she sees from the outside in. Kenya again gets defensive and talks about how she and Walter have already talked about eloping, marriage, and having kids. More like, she talked about all this and Walter took a few steps back and stared at her, uninterested.

The ladies get on a boat to Sandy Island which Cynthia is completely oblivious to. The men are already on the island waiting for the girls to arrive. The ceremony is small but so cute! Cynthia arrives and is fully shocked! Peter has pulled this off! The two head to the altar and I am holding back tears. Something I thought would never happen with these two and their relationship.

Side note: Only on the Real Housewives do you renew your vows in a beautiful, exotic location and only have your closest frenemies in attendance.

Peter and Cynthia are crying, exchanging vows. Peter says he wanted to do this for Cynthia because their actual wedding was a mess with Cynthia’s mother and sister intruding. Also, Anguilla was Cynthia’s original desired location for them to wed. Overall it was just an adorable ceremony and it made me see that Peter and Cynthia do love each other, just aren’t as affectionate as others.

NeNe catches the bouquet but she tells us that Gregg still has some proving to do before she considers re-marrying him! Next, it’s time to release some white lanterns into the sky. It’s a nice moment on the island, except for Kenya whose lantern does not take off and just plummets into the ground. After the ceremony, all the ladies head back to their villa to relax and have some alone time with copious amounts of wine. Code for: producer intervention. Hello, they need some drama from today.

NeNe says she is excited to be on vacation with Kenya since she has heard so much about her. Porsha chimes in, very calmly, that she’s surprised by Kenya on the trip, because she was so different when they first met at lunch and at Porsha’s charity event. NeNe asks, ‘wait, so tell me what happened between you two!’ and NeNe might not realize she just threw a grenade at Kenya and Porsha.

Porsha starts telling what went down at the charity event that Kenya stormed out of, and she makes it obvious that she is just saying her side of the story. There was no bitchiness in what Porsha was saying. I actually think Porsha might have been trying to discuss this so they could move past it, but Kenya morphed into crazy-bitch-mode Kenya in about .005 seconds and got into the defense. Kenya has not down for this conversation.

The screaming went into full force and I couldn’t really understand what was being said because they were howling and throwing insults over each other and this was basically me:


For the most part, it went something like this: you’re a WHORE, you’re GHETTO, you’re from DETROIT, you’re a HOODRAT, read a BOOK!, you’re OLD! It was so catty and I felt kind of bad for Porsha because Kenya is clearly quite drunk, or deranged. Or both. Porsha is hilarious because she’s kind of dumb. She called Kenya out on asking the Chinese house owner if he donated sperm to a bank, when in reality he was Filipino, but Porsha is obviously not that intelligent.

NeNe quickly gets up and notices that things might get real! She gets in between the finger pointing, potential weave-yankers and tells Kenya to calm down because she’s going insane over what was just a question. Cynthia and Phaedra try talking down Kenya but they seem kind of bored with the whole thing.

It’s like watching the newbies get hazed and this is their initiation ritual. Kandi is noticeably missing from the action but she is probably testing out a new couples’ Bedroom Kandi with Todd and has no time for this.

Kenya tells us she got set off by Porsha calling her a whore because hello, she’s a lot of things but NOT that! Grinding her ass on married men and flirting with anything that walks and has a penis might have indicated otherwise. But that’s just me. Kenya drops her now iconic line: “I’m ‘Gone with the Wind’ fabulous!” and twirls, literally, off to bed! I am dead.

Is Kenya crazy or just drunk? I mean, it’s funny, but her behavior kind of concerns me. Next week gets a little too real for Kenya when Walter calls her out for telling the ladies that they want to get married. Walter is like, ‘wtf?!’ in front of everyone and Kenya is in tears.

Let’s discuss the episode! What did you think of Cynthia and Peter renewing their vows? Are you Team Kenya or Team Porsha? Was Kenya out of line or was she provoked by NeNe and Porsha?

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