RHOBH Recap: Kim’s Getaway And The Awkward Dinner Party


Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was not a good one for Adrienne Maloof! Lisa and Adrienne decide to meet for drinks so that Adrienne can apologize because she clearly wants to move forward. It was extremely awkward to watch. Adrienne Maloof was all over the place and very nervous. Adrienne apologizes and in her interview still stands by the fact that she thinks Lisa too should have apologized. Adrienne, you’re the only one. Lisa appreciates the apology but honestly it’s quite clear Lisa is just over the whole Adrienne situation and wants nothing to do with her. That friendship is O-V-E-R!

Kim then plans a getaway to Ojai with all the ladies including newest housewife Yolanda Hadid! Kim believes that this will settle things for all the women and everyone will find peace…LOL. This wouldn’t be the ‘Real Housewives’ if that was possible but still it’s cute to see Kim be so positive. Kim, Kyle, Adrienne, Camille, and Taylor all arrive while Lisa is back at a photo shoot with Brandi.

Lisa is such a good friend and is giving Brandi opportunities so that she could make a pay check. Lisa specifically is a very supportive friend to Brandi and Brandi is very appreciative for Lisa and truly respects her. Brandi Glanville looked absolutely stunning at the photo shoot and I thought it was hilarious when they were looking through the photos and all she could see was her “wrinkled thumb.” Lisa says after Eddie cheated on Brandi that she became a very insecure person and do you blame her? BUT Brandi needs to cut that out and realize she is beautiful and it’s the current wife who is now VERY insecure. Can you imagine how LeAnn Rimes felt as she watched Brandi pose in those photos? Because we all know she was watching and was calling her hair stylist and makeup artist begging to have Brandi’s look for an upcoming appearance! Brandi and Lisa finally leave the shoot and talk about how things are going as they are in the limo. I don’t know about you but I was a bit distracted with the way Lisa Vanderpump was sitting in the limo ride LOL!

They enter and are informed that they will be sharing a room which Kyle later tells the girl while Lisa is upstairs that Lisa is going to act like she’s okay with it but inside she’s probably going crazy. I feel like when Lisa watches scenes about her former BFF Kyle making certain remarks behind her back that she does get irritated. Even if Kyle is joking, I sense Lisa gets annoyed just because she does it when Lisa isn’t there. Kyle may argue that she knows Lisa is going to watch it later on but still I don’t think Lisa expects Kyle to act that way but it’s obvious their friendship is very different this year.

Kim Richards has grown up so much this season and I feel like a proud parents even though I’m a bit younger then her. It’s nice to see her act so positive and put all this together. The ladies go to dinner and Kim is seated across from Brandi. That’s when Brandi begins talking about how wonderful Kim’s girls are even though Brandi knows the girls hate her and even though Kim makes it clear that they don’t like her. Brandi makes Kim feel great about being a good mother and opens up to a lot and the two realize they have a lot in common.

As they bond over their mistakes, Kim begins crying and Adrienne Maloof randomly comes in out of no where pointing it out. Adrienne loudly says, “Uh oh. Someone’s crying.” And repeats this getting all the ladies attention. This irritates Brandi and Brandi calls her out thinking Adrienne just wants to start drama. Brandi then tells Adrienne to STFU and will see how the rest ends on the next episode of RHOBH…

Thoughts on this weeks episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Was Adrienne in the wrong? Should Brandi have told her to STFU up? Let’s Discuss!

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