RHOA Recap: Kim Gets Kicked Out Of Her Dream Home; Phaedra’s Booty Gets Her In Trouble!


This week on Real Housewives of Atlanta things are getting a little chaotic for Kim, who is about eight weeks from popping out her second paycheck baby and has been given 48 hours to leave the mansion she got married in, aka the “dream house” which she is now calling a haunted mansion. Now that she’s been asked to leave, all of a sudden it’s a horrible house with doors that open and close on their own and what not. Kim’s lease has expired and the landlord Kendra is asking that she pack up and get out in just two days which has Kim going crazy and hiring a team of movers to put everything in storage and move it back to her little townhouse.

Kim has no shame cursing at the moving crew because they are not packing things to her liking. Maybe she should be involved in the process? I mean really, her baby is not around and what else could she be doing? Maybe she should be involved more instead of yelling at Sweetie? She insults the movers and has no shame pointing out that she’s paying them each $35/hr. to pack up her house and move it. This is so damn tacky! Kim gets worse and worse each episode this season.

Kroy is eating some fast food (does Kim ever cook?) again in the kitchen and Sweetie is actually the voice of reason, asking Kim not to talk so disrespectfully. Kim lashes at her, why the hell can’t I not tell them they’re fucking stupid!? What a bitch. They end up heading to the townhouse and Kim is upset because she’s been in hotels while moving. Crash and burn.

In a funny contrast, Kandi is moving into her new home, fully paid in cash, and is just happy and it’s nice to see her in love! Mama Joyce wanted to move in but Kandi said no. It’s too new of a relationship to throw someone else into the mix, and I respect Kandi for respecting her boyfriend. Plus, I’m sure Mama Joyce will get hooked up with some nice crib all for her own. Kandi wraps it up so nicely, as Kim was making snotty remarks about Kandi’s house, she doesn’t even have one. Hah!

Phaedra is throwing yet another “experience”, not a “party”, for her son Ayden’s second birthday! Phaedra needs him to look like a fine Southern gentleman and look dapper so it’s time for his first haircut at the barber shop, an occasion that is “momentous” and “a rite of passage” for Ayden. Phaedra is so funny without even trying! LOL. Baby Ayden is terrified at the barber shop and starts crying, but his mama and daddy Apollo comfort him and manage to get his hair cut. SO ADORABLE!

Since Phaedra is known for her outlandish and over-the-top events, Ayden’s second birthday is not going to be any exception. Dwight the event planner comes back to organize a lavish party at the aquarium. The party begins and there are views in the banquet room of all the whales and fish you could imagine. Phaedra, Apollo, and baby Ayden arrive via a train engine with a full on marching band leading them in. There are two huge cakes for Ayden and then the guests all move over to the dolphin show which will do a private showing for Ayden and his guests. Everyone is falling asleep, including the birthday boy!

Not present at the party is Kim who actually said she was going to try to go. She calls Phaedra and says she couldn’t make it. Apparently, Kim has been doing this a lot lately but I mean, she is pregnant and trying to figure out her living situation, so I don’t fully blame her. Kandi and Phaedra are over Kim’s excuses.

NeNe and Cynthia are having a contrived lunch where they discuss what happened at NeNe’s powerful women party in Atlanta. The two are in matching fedoras and NeNe recounts her story of running into Kim and Sweetie in the hallway and how Kim basically lied and said she would stay but just walked out. NeNe says she’s just over Kim and all her excuses, but she’s not hurt. Kim basically just doesn’t exist for her anymore.

NeNe dishes some juicy gossip. A friend of hers received an accidental phone call from Phaedra which didn’t say some nice things about Cynthia! Phaedra’s donkey booty officially got her into trouble and it’s so big it even calls people! NeNe plays the voicemail which features Phaedra saying “Cynthia can’t come to the party, I don’t give a fuck about her coming.” OOPS! It’s weird that Phaedra got caught speaking like this since she always is so polite and pristine on camera, but she’s hilarious at least. Cynthia is upset that Phaedra would say that especially since the two have seemed to mend fences and what not. Please, not another season of Talls vs. Smalls.

Kenya is trying to woo Walter still, and he still seems as uninterested as ever. Kenya brings him to dinner to meet her aunt and her cousins. Kenya’s aunt blasts him with marriage questions and it’s kind of awkward because Walter is. STILL. NOT. INTERESTED. And with how Kenya acts on TV I don’t blame him.

In another attempt to get a ring on her finger, Kenya has dinner night at her house for her and Walter. She straight up microwaved Trader Joe’s instant meals and made it seem like she cooked. Her sideboob is hanging out as she wrangles some to-go salads and preps this dinner for the guy she wants to marry. Question, did Kenya not realize Walter would see this on TV? I mean there are cameras there. Whatever. Walter arrives and another useless scene of Walter not giving two craps about her plays out.

Cynthia has met up with Phaedra to give her a present for Ayden. It wasn’t regular Cynthia though, it was new Cynthia who has a pair and is not afraid to call a bitch out anymore. NeNe is a good trainer. Cynthia is very polite in her calling out which is nice. She basically tells Phaedra that she heard Phaedra said she didn’t give a fuck about her not coming to the party.

Phaedra is like ‘Oh no…I don’t recall anything like that’. Except there is a recording in Cynthia’s possession! Phaedra, dumbfounded as ever, looks down at her boob and acts like a bug just bit her. She says the bugs must have wanted some chocolate and busts out laughing. It’s hilarious! But she is totally dodging the topic at hand and being a bit cowardly. Cynthia is just sitting there serving some “bitch please…” looks. Phaedra, being a great attorney, denies denies denies and Cynthia is not having it. Something tells me there will be some drama between these two coming up.

Oh and I almost forgot about Porsha. She cooks in workout clothes and goes rock-climbing. She also said she doesn’t see herself being friends with Kenya. Who does? That was the extent of her involvement this week.

Next week is the episode of Kim’s RHOA exit. She is seen telling the ladies she can’t go to Anguilla even though they all revolved their schedule around Kim’s. They have had enough of Kim’s excuses and this is the straw that broke the camel’s back! They confront her and Kim blows up. She rips off her mic and declares she’s “done with this whole thing”. As she exits the lunch, she pushes a cameraman away telling him to get out of her face! I can not wait for this!

Let’s discuss! What do you think of Kim’s behavior while moving out? Do you think Phaedra is being fake with Cynthia or is the butt-dial being blown out of proportion?

PS – Does anyone else kind of miss Sheree? Is it just me?

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