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RHOBH Recap: Portia’s Drama-Filled Birthday Party!

On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the ladies celebrate the birth of Kyle Richards adorable daughter, Portia! What I found odd is that Portia’s birthday is in the end of March and they threw her party on April 28? Doesn’t make much sense except that they wanted to film it but it’s understandable. It’s a way to get all the ladies together in one room and you know something will pop off!

Moving on to the episode! So it’s Portia’s birthday and Adrienne is ready to settle everything with Lisa Vanderpump except Lisa leaves before she even has to face Adrienne. In one of the most awkward scenes yet, Taylor Armstrong completely ignores Brandi Glanville as she says her hello’s to Camille Grammer! For the first time, I see Brandi really affected by this and she tells Kyle she wants to leave but Kyle and Camille tell her to stay and Brandi listens! In comes Kim Richards and out goes Brandi Glanville! Brandi apologizes to Kyle and Camille via text message about leaving but didn’t want the drama.

Taylor Armstrong later feels the need to bring up how Brandi said she slept with everyone in Beverly Hills to Kim Richards. It felt as if Taylor was bringing up what Brandi said to get on Yolanda’s good side.

We meet Yolanda’s daughter Gigi who is unbelievably beautiful like her mother. Yolanda is heard saying that she doesn’t like when Gigi’s make up is “chinese looking” which many took offense to! I don’t think Yolanda was being racist, I just think she shouldn’t have said that.

Best part of the episode: Watching Paul and Mauricio talk about high heels. Those two make me LOL

Stay tuned for next week because it actually looks like an intense one! Adrienne and Lisa come face to face AND Taylor gets hammered at Yolanda’s house! Classy lady, that Taylor! So thoughts on Monday’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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